The best found tips to increase your gas mileage by 40%

Today when everything is so expensive, even an increment of your gas mileage is very much welcome. And imagine if it is more than 40%, you are obviously tempted to try out the ways in order to save as much fuel as you can. So, you have found a very useful post today wherein we have brought about a list of tips that definitely helps you in increasing your gas mileage considerably.

How to increase your car’s gas mileage easily?

Whether it’s your brand-new vehicle or an old car, one thing that often worries you is the gas mileage. And we all know that you definitely can’t reduce your trips in the car just to save it. Then why not try these tricks which will definitely help in increasing the gas mileage of your car at an impressive level?

  • Always pay attention to your tyres — Your gas mileage is definitely going to increase if you are following a close check up on your tyres. Do you know that an improperly inflated tyre has the power to eat up more fuel than it is required for a normal drive? Well, we have seen a lot of improperly inflated tyres on the roads regularly. That is why you should keep a check on your tyre and see that it is properly inflated. You won’t believe the amount of fuel or gas that you actually save just because of this trick.
  • Chuck the junk out of the trunk —You can actually save gallons of fuel if you keep your car’s trunkless heavy and without any junk. Yes, it reduces the pressure on your car and that is how it eats less fuel and provides more gas mileage.
  • Use a good quality engine oil — If you’re picking up a cheap quality engine oil just to save money, remember you’re going to spend more in refuelling your car often. Rather, just invest in a good quality engine oil to enhance its performance and increase your gas mileage as well.
  • Changing your fuel pressure regulator on time — A damaged and too old fuel pressure regulator leads to more consumption of fuel in your car. However, if you are changing it on time and replacing it with a new one that is of good quality, you automatically increase the gas mileage of your car. For the best results, get a nice fuel pressure regulator from QuickBitz. They have all kinds of fuel regulators for your car in top quality that ensures your vehicle consumes less fuel and runs smoothly as well.
  • Turn off the engine when idle —Normally you waste a lot of fuel because of keeping your car ignition on when the vehicle is idle. If you stop this act and turn it off when not required, you’ll definitely see a large amount of fuel saved.

Now even if the fuel prices go sky touching, you need not worry more. You’ve got the golden tips that are going to help you a lot in increasing the gas mileage incredibly. 

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