crystal bar vape
crystal bar vape

The better of the two either a vape mod system or a vape pod system. IVG Bar

Vaping with a disposable vape like IVG Bar is fun as you don’t have to look after anything with them. Just take a few puffs whenever you feel like vaping and dispose of them as soon as the E-liquid finishes. Start over again! But until when? Do you want more stability in your vaping style? Or are you tired of buying new disposable vapes every other day? Why don’t you try something more persistent and durable? Vape Pod systems and Vape Mod systems are great options for you to choose from. Let us guide you through a brief discussion between these two vapes so you can make a better decision for yourself.

1.  Vape Pod Systems

Vape Pod systems are the Granny of all vaping devices. Smokers find Pods most amusing and satisfying because they are the most relatable to cigarettes. These devices deliver a remarkable experience of nicotine delivery to our body–an experience like no other. They need some maintenance, such as charging the battery when it finishes.

Moreover, they come in two types; refillable tanks and prefilled tanks. The most common are refillable as it gives the vaper’s a modification to use their Pods for a longer time even when the E-liquids run out as they can refill them. They deliver a hard throat hit just like cigarettes, as these devices mostly contain high PG pre-filled E-liquids. Vape Pod users mostly develop a particular relationship and attachment to their Pods; just like we said, It’s like a granny that we all love!

Pre-eminent Pick For Novice Vapers

If you’re still a newbie to the vaping world and just want to get off the disposable vapes like crystal bar, vape Pod systems are a perfect pick. They’ll let you have stability in your life while you enjoy your E-liquid flavours and fulfil that nicotine buzz.

2.  Vape Mod Systems

Vape Mod systems are like that teenager in your family that always needs reassurance, high maintenance, and looks the most stylish. They are the newest invention in the vaping world. Vape manufacturers addressed vapers’ needs and requirements to make something stylish that they can modify and customise according to their style. As a result, vape Mod systems were welcomed wholeheartedly into the vape market.

You can customise these vapes in any way you like. They offer a high range of customisations such as customised E-liquid flavour, E-liquid VG/PG concentration ratio, coil type, temperature, wattage, atomiser, battery, and tank. There’s not a single thing that we can say is not changeable. These vapes work best for vapers with significant knowledge about vape devices and their parts individually—vapers who know how to customise their vape.

Vape Mod systems support sub-ohm vaping the best as they have low resistance. They produce the most vapour quality than any other vape device. These devices mostly contain high levels of VG juices as they’ll assist the vape to optimally vapourise the thicker VG content and blow ghosts clouds of vapour. Moreover, they deliver a smoother throat hit and support MTL and DTL vaping.

The Styling Palate For Pro-vapers

If you’re someone who loves to invest time in your things and modify them according to your style, then the vape Mod system is an idea for you. You’ll love how they offer multiple modifications.

So, if you feel like moving on from disposable vapes such as elux legend mini and are ready for something exciting, get a vape Mod system and start welcoming exciting changes in your life. You’ll stand out from the crowd when you blow those large clouds of flavourful vapour and your vaping time to the best.

Vaping is not like smoking which harms the surrounding people more than yourself. Using disposable vape kits like Elux legend 3500 puffs does not cause the issue of second-hand smoking as conventional cigarettes do. Although vaping and smoking are treated the same, vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Some fire alarms react the same to cigarette smoke and vape clouds. This is why vaping indoors can be an issue in such places, especially in a working space. You can vape inside your room or house, and that will be alright. But if you are vaping indoors where there are a lot of people, like in offices or restaurants, some people may find it uncomfortable.

Using disposable vape kits or traditional cigarettes in public spaces is not a crime, but it will be unpleasant for those who do not like it. In this blog, you will get to know if vaping is allowed in pubs or not. Hopefully, you will gain knowledge after reading it.

Restrictions from the State Government:

There are no specific laws or restrictions on vaping in the UK. The government has not issued any official notice that prohibits the use of disposable vape kits. There might be some restricted areas in several public spaces where you cannot vape. The restrictions are also for the convenience of everyone, but overall, vaping is not considered illegal.

Vaping Inside Pubs:

Usually, pubs and clubs allow smoking and vaping. But it depends on the management of the club whether they want to prohibit them in specific areas. The restrictions are set keeping in mind the preferences of everyone that comes there.

If there are any vaping restrictions at a place, it would be better if you do not vape on the premises of that place. Someone might get offended by the use of disposable vapes in a no-smoking or no-vaping zone.

Although it is not illegal, there might be some adverse consequences if you do not follow the rules. It is better to avoid such conditions than to suffer later in the form of fines or penalties.

Ethical Duty towards the Society:

You should respect everyone’s likes and dislikes. It is not ethical to invade anyone’s personal space. The no-vaping zones are made keeping in mind the people who are not very fond of vape devices.

The clouds produced by disposable vape kits do not last to yourself only but also travel to other people. Even if the flavour smell does not linger, it is a good gesture to respect others’ preferences.

As a member of society, you should be mindful of your surrounding people’s feelings and never hurt them. You can enjoy your hobby by vaping in a non-restricted zone made for all those who love e-cigarettes.

Many people treat e-cigarettes the same as traditional cigarettes, and some are not even aware that it does not affect them as significantly as smoking. Minimal to almost no passive smoking is a major advantage of using disposable vape kits.

All in all, you can vape in a pub but be mindful of the restricted zone sign so that you do not hurt the feelings of others. You can enjoy your hobby as much as you want but not by making others feel uncomfortable.

Bottom line:

Disposable vapes like Elf bar 1500 puff are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. That is why you should consider vaping instead of smoking if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. While enjoying the taste of different flavours and making clouds while inhaling nicotine at the same time. Additionally, keep it in mind to not enter other people’s comfort zone as well.

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