WordPress vs Wix

The Big CMS Showdown: WordPress vs Wix

Creating an internet site has never been a task for the faint of heart. Even the only site would require time, money, and know-how to steer it within the right direction. That’s where Wix vs WordPress inherit play.

The main difference between Wix and WordPress is that Wix may be a website builder while WordPress may be a content management system. Both platforms allow you to make websites and that they share one common goal: enabling users to create stunning and usable websites during a simple manner.

In the spirit of healthy competition, we’ll be pitting Wix vs WordPress to live how they perform against one another in four different categories. within the end just one will remain, so let’s get the fight started!

Simple to use
Getting started on Wix may be a simple process. Once you’ve signed up, it’ll ask you what quite website you would like to make , then it’ll send you right over to its collection of templates for your chosen category.

Wix vs WordPress: A screenshot of a couple of blog templates available on Wix.
After making your choice you’ll begin tinkering with it using Wix’s colorful drag-and-drop editor. you’ll create new pages employing a menu without leaving the editor, and switch between them during a matter of seconds.

A screenshot of the Wix editor.
Moving onto WordPress, taking your first steps with the CMS are often a touch intimidating, since it doesn’t hold your hand an excessive amount of . While there are thousands of articles and tutorials covering every simple step of the method – from creating new pages to picking the proper theme – going to know WordPress’ ins and outs can take a short time

Wix 1 the primary round of the Wix vs WordPress fight goes to Wix, which has you up and running in no time in the least .

Right now there are more than 2 billion websites on the internet. If you run any business then there are chances that either you already own a website or else you might be looking to build one.

Some figures show that more than 10% of shopping is made online. So it is actually a good thought of taking your business on the web and makes your services and products reachable to every user of the world.

But if you are new in this business and don’t know anything about websites then you might be wondering that from where you should start?

The best answer to this question will be to start by selecting one content management system (CMS). But now you will wonder if Wix is good or WordPress? So here we go where you will find answers to your questions and which CMS is better.

You can say that on earth, Wix and WordPress are the top popular CMS which comes with so many advantages and disadvantages. Some of its cons and pros are given below to help you to decide which the perfect solution for your requirements is.

Advantages of using WordPress

We will first see some of the advantages of using CMS.

  • WordPress is free

In the world, CMS is the only CMS that is more popular. Another top feature of WordPress is that it is available for free of cost. Yes, it is 100% free.

So, if you are new to the web world and do not have sufficient money to build a web presence then you have a great choice of WordPress as it is available for free for every type of user.

  • All your website content will be owned by you

The small or a big thing developer on the WordPress platform will relate to your company. Whereas the website which is created on other companies’ tools will claim that the website created on those tools is there.

  • Free to shop

You are free to self-host your website. Also you can include some third party plugins and widgets like Google review widgets to add new feature to your website which is based on Simple WordPress theme.

Disadvantages of using WordPress

CMS comes with many faults. Some of its faults are given below that need to be considered before using this tool.

  • A learning curve with semi steps

As compare to hand-coding, building a WordPress website is easier. You can say that to create a website with WordPress you don’t need to have technical expertise.

But if you are using WordPress then it is important to have proper knowledge of databases, web hosts, and other elements because non-computer people might feel lost while using all these.

  • Option overload

WordPress is actually powered with third-party integration and millions of Simple WordPress theme. With this feature, you can do anything on your website. But allowing new users to use unlimited options can be stressed.

Advantages of using Wix

Let us check out some important points that need to consider while using Wix. Some of the top 3 advantages of Wix are

  • Easy to use

On the market, wax is one of the most popular drag and drop website creation tools. If you are totally new and know nothing about website creation then you must choose Wix as it will save your time of website creation and learning basis.

  • An increasing number of third party integration

In comparison to WordPress, Wix offers a large number of third-party integration. This tool integration can help you to get more from your website. Along with this, it gives you a choice to select the tool that suits your needs.

  • Solid pricing

Like WordPress, the Wix is not available for free but it also offers some of the subscriptions that seem helpful for all business owners’ needs.

Disadvantages of Wix

  • The website you create will not be owned by you

The built-in Wix website will totally belong to the Wix. This means even if you thought of migrating this website in the future to another you will not able to do this.

  • The tools and templates all are limited

If you want niche marketing, SEO, or any other functionality for your website then you might not find a suitable template. This is because Wix comes with very few features.

Who wins?

As per our thoughts, we conclude that WordPress is better for creating long-term websites whereas for short-term goals Wix is fine.

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