The costs of the YouTube Premium service: here are what they are

YouTube Premium provides three distinct types of subscriptions for users interested in using the platform’s exclusive features. We refer to the standard plan, the family plan, and the student plan. For all three plans in question, there is a trial period of one month.

Here are the costs:

  • YoutTube Premium ‘standard ‘ plan: cost of 11.99 euros per month;
  • YouTube Premium ‘family’ plan: cost of € 17.99 per month;
  • YouTube Premium ‘students ‘ plan: cost € 6.99 per month.

The indicated price will be automatically charged to the subscriber unless the subscription is canceled within the trial period. The charge will be received every month on the same day of the first invoice until any cancellation. As mentioned, the cancellation can be activated at any time, but there are no refunds or credits for partial billing periods.

YouTube Premium Student Membership: How Does It Work?

Details about this subscription are shown on the host web page of the platform. By subscribing to Music Premium and YouTube Premium Free APK as a student, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of a discounted rate. However, YouTube student memberships are only awarded to students enrolled full-time at higher education institutions in some countries – Italy is on the list. Eligibility will be checked by a third-party verification service.

The student subscriptions are valid for up to four years. At the end of each year, you will be required to check your eligibility again. Therefore, if the interested party is no longer entitled to the discounted student price, there will be an option to upgrade to a full-priced YouTube Premium and Music Premium membership. But it is also possible to cancel the subscription at any time.

Note that if the student has an active YouTube paid membership and intends to upgrade to a discounted student membership, they must first cancel the already active membership.

But be careful: to buy a YouTube student membership, the user must meet the following requirements:

Enrolled in a higher education institution that has been approved by SheerID. The latter is a service used by companies to verify that users are students and to give them ad hoc offers;

Completion of the student status verification process with SheerID.

However, all the details of the case are given on the YouTube Premium website. If all the eligibility requirements are met, the young person will be entitled – as mentioned – to a student subscription for a maximum duration of four years.

YouTube Premium Family Membership: How Does It Work?

The family pass is an interesting alternative. It can be used by up to 5 members over the age of 13 and living in the same house (residential address).

Regarding the family subscription, it is useful to note the following:

  • As the account owner or group manager, you will be able to create a Google family group.
  • So you can invite family members to share your YouTube Premium, YouTube Music
  • Premium, and YouTube TV membership;
  • As a member of the family group, you can use your Google Account to sign in to your
  • YouTube paid membership. In this way, the individual user will be able to keep their preferences in terms of video and audio content. And these preferences will not be shared with other accounts;
  • By sharing your YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, and YouTube TV membership as a member of a family group, you can also enjoy other Google services with other members.

But pay attention to the requirements that the family group manager must have :

  • At least 18 years old;
  • Possession of a Google Account;
  • Don’t be part of another family group;
  • Not signed up for a Google Workspace account.

The family group manager is the only person capable of purchasing a YouTube family plan or choosing for the group. You can also set the home location and invite or remove members. The manager can invite up to five members to the family group.

Furthermore, there are also specific requirements for family group members. To join a group that shares a YouTube family plan, you need to:

  • Have a Google Account different from your Google Workspace account;
  • Live in the same home (residential address) as the manager of the Family group;
  • Don’t be part of another family group.
  • In any case, for all further information and clarifications, a large section dedicated to FAQs is included in the YouTube Premium web pages, as is the tradition of Google.

Why choose YouTube Premium?

In this article, we have seen what are the peculiarities of the YouTube Premium service. The function relating to the display without advertising is very useful: in fact, it is possible to see the contents without being interrupted by the commercials.

Moreover, the AD-free system applies to any platform where you are logged in with your Google account, including web, smartphone, Roku, or other streaming devices.

Thanks to YouTube Originals it is possible to refer to original content, produced by high profile creators, with even some TV shows, documentaries, and films.

Also interesting to know the cd. playing in the background. If the user is on a mobile device, the audio of the displayed video will continue to play even when you are out of the app or if the mobile phone display is turned off. Furthermore, on Android, you can also view picture-in-picture videos when other apps are used.

Also very useful is the video download function, through which you can download videos or playlists to watch them offline on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, by subscribing to the subscription, the user gets access to YouTube Music Premium and also to all the functions that make it up.

In short, several reasons could lead to choosing YouTube Premium, also in consideration of costs all in all in line with the competition.

Concerning the final choice, a lot depends on how often the user uses the service. If it’s a frequent one, the mobile app, background play, and download are great features. With tons of YouTube channels that include long-form content, being able to listen to long videos even when not logged into the app is convenient.

On the other hand, if the user often uses YouTube from the desktop, the usefulness is certainly represented by the ad blocker. It should be remembered that video ad revenue has dropped lately. This has led creators to run even more ads in their content. So if the user wants to watch videos for a long time, while still supporting those who make them, opting for the YouTube Premium membership is the only way to go.

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