telephone number for spirit airlines
telephone number for spirit airlines

The Day Spirit Airlines Flights Ruined My Vacation

It was supposed to be my dream vacation. After months of planning, I was finally going to visit Rome and explore the ancient city like I’d always wanted to do. Everything was set up and ready to go, except for one little thing…the flight from New York City to Rome got Spirit Cancels Flights wasn’t doing anything about it! They gave me no notice and not only that, they wouldn’t give me any money back! I tried contacting them but nobody was willing to help me out with this problem. What do you think? Was Spirit Airlines Flights in the right?

I booked a flight with Spirit Airlines

I was excited to take a cruise and booked a round trip flight with Spirit airlines. A few days before my departure, I received an email stating that my flight had been cancelled due to bad weather and flooding. The next day I called their Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number and they told me that there were no flights available until three days after my return home! This meant that I would have had to stay in Miami for three days alone with nothing but time on my hands. Also, upon arriving at Miami Airport, I was not allowed onto any other flights even though I had paid for it in advance! They said that all their flights were booked up until several days after my original return date. With these facts at hand, what are my rights as a passenger? What can be done about these issues?

24 hours prior to my flight, my flight was cancelled

Due to airport and weather conditions, your flight has been spirit airline flights cancelled. We hope to see you on another day. I checked weather online and saw there was a very low chance of precipitation so I called and asked why my flight was cancelled. The customer service representative told me they were aware of it, but it wasn’t bad enough to cancel.

I rescheduled for another day, but it was cancelled again

After two cancellations, I was starting to get a little worried. But what could I do? As it turns out, not much. The same Spirit Airlines cancellation policy applies to my new flights, which means that even if I had another emergency and couldn’t go on either day I could get my money back but still lose $50 in change fees. All in all, I’m pretty upset with how Spirit handled everything- they didn’t follow through with their original agreement to have me on a flight within 4 hours of when my plane was scheduled to land and then punished me for their failure by changing their cancellation policy. If you have ever flown with them before (or have any similar horror stories) please comment below!

So I decided to fly back home

I purchased a one-way ticket, and checked a bag. It was supposed to be an overnight trip so I didn’t see why I would need any clothes other than what I had with me; therefore, it made sense for me to check my luggage. As luck would have it, however, Spirit cancelled my flight 90 minutes before departure! Of course, Spirit hadn’t notified me of their decision (after all, what if I wasn’t packing at that very moment?), but instead of offering another solution they chose to force me to book another flight (for $200 more!) or forfeit my flight altogether.

Then they would not refund me the money they owed me

Well, I wasn’t getting anywhere with them, so I decided to cancel my ticket. This was an easy process, but they did not cancel it when they said they would. They delayed it and gave me no notice that my flight was cancelled. Then, when I was doing everything in my power to get a refund, they told me it would take 30 days to give me my money back. Thirty days! Even though these jerks ruined my vacation and gave me no notice of cancellation at all! What kind of business are you running here?!?

They did offer an option called Bring A Friend where they didn’t honour what they owed me.
It was no surprise that I was denied my money back. But after months of fighting, I finally got my refund. It was a small victory, but it still felt good to win. The moral of my story? When booking your flight and travel plans, make sure you research your options to get back your vacation days in case something like this happens. My advice is to not book with an airline that only offers Spirit Airlines Flights Tickets on its own planes; there are plenty of other airlines that can get you where you need to go just as safely and for less money—and they’ll refund you if something goes wrong! This experience changed me for good; I will never book a flight without a backup plan again.

After months of fighting, I finally got my refund.

The frustrating thing about airlines is that they never let you know how much of a refund they owe you. In my case, I was frustrated to learn that I wouldn’t be getting a full refund; instead, I would be receiving a credit toward my next flight. In addition to not knowing when (or if) I’d ever get back what they owed me, one of my biggest issues with Spirit was their apparent lack of concern for its customers. The company wasn’t even willing to discuss what happened during our phone call—it was simply out of their hands and it wouldn’t affect my situation anyhow.

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