The Enticing Hallway – it’s Possible with these Tips

From quick storage solutions to a stylish entrance, a hallway can be a nice welcoming space in your home. But what you always do is, consider your hallway as just the corridor. But remember, it can be the grand entrance to your home and even your most loved corner of the house. So, how about decorating it stylishly?

Tips to decorate your hallway nicely

First of all, remember — never consider the decoration of your hallway as a secondary factor. As soon as you get your house constructed in Auckland via house builders like Reef View Construction and start decorating the entire place, do consider adorning your hallway too. No doubt they are going to build your house really perfectly, but you have to give your 100% in beautifying your house to make it your home – this includes your hallway as well. And if you want to read about the tips to decorate it, then read on.

  • Create more than one focal point — Normally you consider just one focal point in any particular area. But since your hallway is going to be a very narrow yet long space, why don’t you consider two or three focal points in this area?  Like, you can put up a nice ornamental frame in the center of the hallway wall and some really unique, artistic collection on the side walls. This will give a unique, decorative touch to each corner of this area.
  • Keep in mind the width and breadth — Often you are inspired by some home decor magazines or sites and get nice furniture for your hallway area. But don’t forget the length and breadth of your hallway when you get them. Perhaps the table you want to put at the side of your hallway may cover the entire area and leave no space for foot traffic. That is why considering the size and scale is so important.
  • Don’t hesitate about the detailing — Details are actually the finishing touches in the realm of home decor. So, when you are adorning your hallway, a small mirror here to capture and reflect natural light, an adorable planter there with lush greenery to spruce up space, an ornamental face tissue box, an exquisite spray bottle for hand sanitizers – all of these take care of finesse and functionality hand in hand.
  • Built-in is always the best — Bespoke furniture is actually a very clever way to make your hallway look inviting and be very functional as well. You can go for built-in cupboards or drawers which can be very useful to put your stuff in and since you are going to add a decorative touch, they are going to blend seamlessly with your décor.
  • Add drama with lighting — Lights not only illuminate, but they also have the power to build up the mood. Whether you want to keep it bright and light or dramatically dark – lights can add pizzazz to any space provided you know how to use them to your advantage. Play with lighting to highlight the best features of your hallway décor.

 Well, after reading all these we are sure you are already imagining the most enticing hallway for your home. Now it’s time to make this dream come true, good luck.

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