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The fallacy of the 1000€/minute explanation video price

The fallacy of the 1000€/minute explanation video price

The cost of an explanation video relies on a variety of elements, and one frequent issue that is at the core of your worries is “what video production service in belfast budget should you plan for.”

The answer to this issue is never simple, but production costs have significantly decreased as B2B access to the video has become more democratised thanks to solutions that are increasingly simple to use and accessible.

In the marketing world, both with agencies and freelancers, a myth has even emerged, which would set the price of an explanatory video at 1000€/minute (but hey, we also see many other variants at 995, 997 or 999 €, it all depends on the psychological price threshold set).

It must be said: it’s just a tenacious belief that does not reflect the average budget of a B2B video! 

Yes, making an explanatory video drawn, in motion design, or other costs much more… to much less! It really all depends on a number of criteria…


1) the experience & know-how of the professional

If you call on a professional (we assume that you always do business with pros) who is just starting out or whose primary job is not, you will probably pay less, but it is not necessarily without worries. ..

  • First of all, will the service provider in question fully understand your needs?
  • Will he be able to guide you correctly, and reassure you, as to your questions?
  • More important than anything, is the message you want to convey to your target the right one?
  • Is this what your target really needs? Here is all the question!

Then, the technical skill in the use of the tools for the realization of your videography company in belfast should not be neglected either.

  • Is the rendering of good quality?
  • Does the video accurately reflect the message?
  • Is it engaging?
  • And the script? Are you the one who develops it or the service provider?
  • What types of exchanges and returns are possible?
  • Whether it’s the script and the video, how many back and forths are there for the corrections?
  • How long for the realization?

So many questions that a professional who masters his subject knows how to answer perfectly. In short, if you want an experienced professional who understands all the communication issues that your company must meet, among other things, via video and who guarantees you peace of mind, it is legitimate for this to be reflected in the cost of the makes skills provided.

2) Between too much and too little is the right measure (Breton proverb)

Some video production service in belfast projects may require special resources, human or material, which must therefore be taken into account in order to establish your video production service in a belfast budget.

So, if you need aerial photography, the cheapest solution is to rent a drone. Imagine that the shot in question lasts 30 short seconds in the final video and that it is essential for your project.

The rental of the drone can go up to 3000€ per day, you still have to know how to handle the machine in question (or goodbye the deposit). As you can see, the corresponding duration in the final video will considerably reduce the budget. 

Less distant from us, the options generally offered by specialists in the production of explanatory videos (whether in motion design, or scribing) can weigh, there too, in the final budget.

It’s up to you to carefully weigh the pros and cons of these options, depending on your needs. In any case, ask for advice in order to be well-oriented. 

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3) How is the Price of an explanatory video calculated?

Many parameters must be taken into account to define a video budget according to the 2 possible methods: fixed price and time spent.

A video project that requires a team, equipment, certain expensive infrastructure and organization (e.g. face-to-face interview at the client’s premises, aerial or underwater photography, etc.), will most often be time spent.

On the other hand, many videos that are produced on a computer, even requiring additional skills (eg voice-over, composer, etc.), are most often packaged. 

As a general rule, any project whose complexity is such that the duration of production/realization becomes a major imperative is generally on time.

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4) Compare in an informed way

Asking for a quote is the first step to take in order to adjust your budget or see if it allows you to produce the videos you need.

You need at least 3 quotes in order to be able to decide on your project, in order to know the price of an explanatory video in a thoughtful way.

Nevertheless, certain preliminary information is necessary so that the repository can help you and allow you to make a judicious choice as to the agency or explainer video provider you need! 

  • Does the service provider’s website inspire you with confidence? 
  • Is the information clear enough? 
  • Are there any customer testimonials to give you an idea of ​​the provider? Who are its clients: known or unknown?
  • Are the rates and options available or do I have to contact the service provider to obtain them?
  • Are there examples of videos produced?
  • How long has the provider been around?

This information allows you to make the first selection and already eliminate a certain number of service providers. This should allow you to choose 3 of the same level and compare them more easily.

an informed way

The market leader also uses this tool to offer a motion design video offer, but far from the price that I propose:

Nearly 3200 euros more than my offer (and again, without counting the options)! 

But why such a difference between an identical tool and final rendering??? I usually tell my clients that it’s not me who is cheap, but the market leader who offers a wide range of products and prices. 

Several parameters must therefore be taken into account: the video is outsourced and this is therefore reflected in the final

price, the clients are large companies with budgets that can be substantial, as a leader, a whole team is there to ensure the smooth running of the business. From management to salespeople, through administration and production: so many positions are also reflected in the rates… Positions that are not found with a freelancer, and therefore in the rate.

All professionals, whatever the activity, have seen at one time or another, a request for quotes or a call for tenders totally disconnected from reality or perfectly unjustified from a commercial point of view, eg. : a request for a video at half price (or even free) by committing to ordering others in the future… Or, request for options or extended duration offered because “the budget is tight”

The simplest? No secrets, and clearly indicate what your budget is! Rest assured, it is not because you indicate a budget range between 1000 and 5000€ that the service

provider will necessarily send you an estimate at the highest of your budget.

But with this essential information, the service provider will be better able to offer you an explanatory video that will meet your needs.

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In conclusion :

You see, taking as a reference that a video costs 1000€/minute does not hold. The price of an explanatory video varies according to many parameters:

what are your needs, what are your objectives and the means to put in place to achieve them?


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