The frequently asked questions about buying a new car!

Whether it’s just as a need to upgrade or there’s a new model of car available in the market, if you are ready to purchase a brand-new vehicle, then we are sure there are hundreds of questions in your mind. And to answer these and clear your mind about the doubts, we are here with a very informative post.

The most important questions when buying a new car

In the past years, the buyers have become quite smart. They tend to ask all sorts of questions before buying any new vehicle. So, after you have given away your old car in exchange for cash for scrap cars to Auto Wrecker, who provides you with good money for your old car, your garage is empty and ready for the new vehicle. Just follow the answers to these FAQs and join the league of knowledgeable buyers.

  • When is the best time to buy a new car?

The best time to buy a car is whenever you have the funds ready, there is a special occasion in your life, or a need to change your car. Like, if you are starting a family or getting married, then it is the best and most suitable time to buy a new car. Economically, during the end of a financial year or the beginning of the next, or during the festive season, companies flood with offers for buyers — it is most recommended to purchase a new car at this time.

  • Should I buy a car with the finance options or my savings?

If you are confused about whether you should opt for financing or spend your savings on your car, then this depends on the opportunities you have. Most probably the companies would recommend you go for financing options because it gives you considerable time to pay for the car and even some added benefits when availing the opportunity. But if you think you have got enough savings, or that you won’t be able to commit to the monthly EMIs, then buying upfront is great too.

  • How do I know if I’m getting the best rates for the car?

The best way to find out if you are getting the best rates is to compare the prices online. There are several dealers and websites that offer you different rates for the same model and you can easily verify the price points there.

  • Is an extended warranty beneficial?

Normally, you get a warranty of a year or two with your vehicle. But some companies do provide you with an extended warranty period at an additional cost. Check the privileges you get with the extended warranty and the price you are paying for it. If these are suitable and stable, then there is no harm in going for an extended warranty. If you think that they are asking you more and your usage of the car won’t be that much, then you can always skip this process.

So far, these are the most commonly inquired questions by new car buyers. Now whether you are buying a new SUV or it’s a compact sedan, you need not worry about a wrong purchase — you’ll only make the right purchase because you shall be an informed buyer.

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