The Future Of Real Estate Business In Pakistan For The Year 2022

Pakistan is going through its pinnacle in real estate industry. We have never experienced such type of investment in real estate sector. Moreover, real estate is the most profitable and lucrative business in Pakistan for decades. Investors in real estate sector are getting extremely high level of returns which are unlike any other sector in Pakistan. Furthermore, according to Pakistan bureau of statistics, Pakistanis have invested around 5.2 billion dollars in real estate sector during 2020-21 financial year. Additionally, Investors in Pakistan know that investing in real estate sector is the most secure investments in short and long term.  In fact, property values are soaring regardless of their location and property values have doubled in the past 5 years.

In periods of economic uncertainty when currency values are depleting. Real estate sector is one area where we can not only keep the value of our investment intact but also get healthy profits on our investment. Moreover, property investment is considered as the most powerful commodity since there is very little of land available and everyone wants to own a piece of land. In fact, every single business and industry faces uncertainty due to global and national crisis such as recession, war and pandemic but not real estate sector.

The Future Of Real Estate Business In Pakistan For The Year 2022?

Real estate sector in Pakistan is very optimistic about good returns on investment in year 2022 due to several factors. In fact, investors consider it to be the prime year to invest in real estate for multiple reasons. Some reasons are:

  • Safe Investment:

Pakistan has one of the most safe and secure real estate industry in the world due to high demand of housing and growing population. Additionally, the property values in Pakistan have never depreciated in its history regardless of the economic situation. Every investor wants protection and stability of their investment and real estate provides them that peace of mind. Moreover, real estate is a tangible asset which cannot be destroyed and will remain present till the end of time.

  • Investment Opportunities:

There are numerous investment opportunities in real estate sector in Pakistan. There are opportunities to invest in rental real estate which provides constant monthly return on investment. In addition, there is opportunity in flipping houses to take out profit after a while and there are opportunities in commercial properties which are in high demand. Furthermore, investors prefer to invest in long term projects to get heavy returns against their investment.

Moreover, Investors always look for economic opportunities where early investors are rewarded more compared to late entrants. People who invest early in real estate projects get many times of their profits on their initial investment. Additionally, the high demand of real estate means the investor can take out their money anytime they want and don’t have to wait for a buyer. Finally, the presence of multiple investment opportunities are one of the reason which ensures the bright future of real estate in 2022.

  • Tax Benefits

Real estate sector in Pakistan is growing rapidly and to facilitate the process Government of Pakistan have taken several steps to smoothen the process. Furthermore, there are many tax benefits in real estate sector such as amnesty scheme and low capital gain tax. Additionally, Tax amnesty scheme empowers people to invest in real estate sector without answering about the source of capital. Moreover, the government is providing several tax benefits to tax filers such as low transfer tax and capital gain tax.

  • Political Instability

In times of political instability and uncertainty, real estate sector is one of the most secure means of investment. Additionally, during political instability the value of money is decreasing very rapidly and keeping money in bank or home is not a wise decision. Furthermore, it is always preferable to invest money in safe heaven during political crisis in case of anarchy and chaos.

  • Excellent Return on Investment

Real estate is providing excellent return on investment over the years. On the contrary, many businesses fail to provide constant return on investment. Real estate investors continuously keep searching for investment opportunities which diversify their portfolio. Additionally, real estate provide them with chances to get healthy returns on investment. Moreover, with the progress in infrastructural development any investment can turn double in matter of days with luck.

  • Growing Market

Pakistan real estate is at its peak in year 2022. There are certain economic and political invertibilities, but the market has shown great strength. Moreover, GDP of Pakistan is estimated to rise to 5.7% for year 2022 and that will bring more investment into real estate sector. Additionally, it will further increase the growth of this sector. Furthermore, that is the reason it is often said that the best time to invest in real estate Projects like Lahore Smart City is today and the next best opportunity is tomorrow.

  • Constant Cash Flow

The most compelling reason to invest in real estate is the constant cash flow in the market and due to high demand of properties in Pakistan. Moreover, there is a continues cash flow from rental properties regardless of the demand of housing. Additionally, this constant flow of cash makes it very lucrative to invest in real estate. It helps in reducing the anxiety of getting stuck with an investment and can release equity at anytime we want with good profits. Furthermore, if invested at early stages of a real estate project can double or triple the investment after the completion of the project.

  • New Developing Societies

There are countless new housing societies in their development stages so there are a lot of promising investment opportunities in real estate right now. Moreover, these societies have proven to be most secure investment opportunities which is evident from the return-on-investment investor got from these housing societies. There are projects like  Nova City Peshawar which represents reputable firms of the country with reputation to fulfil their promises.

  • Rupees Devaluation

Due to economic crisis in Pakistan the value of Rupees is continuously diminishing. In fact, that makes it vital to invest our savings in safe heaven commodities such as gold or real estate. Moreover, since Pakistan Real Estate has an actual usage that makes it more compelling investment to make. Investor who will invest at these uncertain times will reap the benefits of their investment when there is economic stability in the country.

  • Trending Business

Real Estate is a trending business in Pakistan and people from every field of life are taking interest in this business. Moreover, this makes it a very lucrative business for investors who have a real strategy to invest and make profits from this opportunity. Additionally, overseas Pakistani are also taking keen interest towards investing money in properties in Pakistan. Therefore, they have a place to return in case they decide to return to their country. The new modern housing societies are the best investment opportunity due to their ultra-modern lifestyle and facilities.

  • Infrastructure development

Pakistan is going through a phase of high infrastructure development that makes it the best opportunity to invest in real estate sector. Moreover, with the construction of motorways, new highways and industrial zones it becomes vital for the housing schemes to invest in their infrastructure. Additionally, all the construction of new link roads and interchanges on motorways can turn worthless barren land into gold mines.


In conclusion, real estate is currently the center of investment opportunity in Pakistan. It is providing people countless opportunities to invest and grow their wealth while creating jobs for poor. Moreover, The Government of Pakistan is taking measures to facilitate the process of investing in real estate. Furthermore, 2022 is already proven to be the year of real estate with constant growth and safety of investment. Finally, real estate will be the sector which will change the fate of the country and we will have our next millionaires and billionaires from this real estate industry.


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