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The lightweight Electric Scooter Review

As its name suggests, the CITYRIDER scooter is ideal for city riding. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds and a carrying capacity of only 28 pounds, this scooter is an excellent tool for short-distance travel. It is also simple to carry while not in use.

This scooter boasts a sturdy frame and a fashionable design. Furthermore, both adults and children may ride this electric scooter due to its physical dimensions. You won’t need to worry when using public transit because this scooter can be folded up to fit beneath the bus seat.

You can scoot for up to 10 kilometers on a single charge thanks to the battery. The CITYRIDER electric scooter’s 300W engine can move it at a peak speed of 18 mph, which is manageable for most individuals.

The stronger stopping power of the rear drum brakes enables a smooth stop to be achieved. The wheels of the CITYRIDER lock up instantly when the brake pedals are depressed.

Your visibility to other drivers is improved by the front and rear LED lights on the CITYRIDER electric scooter. This scooter also has turn signals to indicate your direction when changing lanes or leaving the road. As a convenience, the scooter’s turn signals are programmed to turn off after ten seconds.

Performance Overview

With a range of 7 to 10 kilometers, the fluidfreeride city rider review is powered by a 35V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. Although the scooter’s acceleration isn’t very strong, the 300W brushless motor quickly moves it up to 18 mph.

By electric scooter standards, that speed is not slow, so it can take some practice before you can ride it comfortably.

This scooter has no shocks, thus the riding could be bumpy on uneven pavement. Solid honeycomb wheels have a limited amount of shock absorption. Riding a CITY RIDER scooter is entertaining and comfortable on paved city streets. The CITYRIDER scooter provides smooth maneuvering and has excellent speed control.

Speed And Acceleration

When fully charged, the CITY RIDER scooter can reach a top speed of 18 mph (30 km). Although slow for sports enthusiasts, this speed is more than sufficient for the average rider. The scooter’s peak speed is within many city limits because it is primarily intended for city dwellers.

Even at high speeds, the drum braking system will quickly bring the wheels to a halt without endangering the rider’s stability. However, riders should be reminded that they should limit their top speed to times when the route is clear of cars.

The onboard electronics are absent from the Gotrax Xr Ultra, which has the same speed specifications as the Gotrax Xr.

The CITYRIDER accelerates a lot faster than scooters in its price range. In a matter of seconds on level roads, the motor will propel you to your peak speed. On steep terrain, though, you might need to manually boost it to make up for the slower acceleration. A low battery charge may also contribute to slower acceleration.

When used, the cruise control improves the scooter’s acceleration and speed management.

Battery And Range

The CITYRIDER scooter’s battery life is increased because of its small weight. The battery weighs 220 pounds overall and has a range of 7 to 10 kilometers. Compared to similar-priced scooters like the Turboant X7 Pro, the scooter’s performance is superior.

The scooter’s range is shorter than that of the CITYRIDER, which is 30 miles per charge. This difference is caused by the small and compact design of the CITYRIDER.

Motor Configuration

The 36V motor that powers the CITYRIDER electric scooter has a 300W maximum power output. An e-scooter can travel farther on a single charge thanks to it since it uses less energy and helps it reach its maximum speed of 18 mph.

Construction And Quality

The CITYRIDER scooter has a lovely and welcoming look. The frame is made of steel tubes, which gives it strength and durability. When traveling at maximum load, rattles and crinkles essentially disappear.

The e-visual scooter’s attraction is heightened by the wooden floorboard. The scooter continues to be sleek and aesthetically pleasing despite the protruding widgets and exposed connections.

Due to its strong deck, the CITYRIDER scooter can last for a very long period. The hollow steel frame is lighter and stronger than it seems to be.

Only a few components of the overall design require frequent maintenance. For instance, there aren’t many visible connecting wires, and a quick application of electric tape can reduce the cables’ normal wear and strain. Even with a large rider, the strong steel frame does not shake or rattle. The scooter’s durability increases the rider’s confidence in its safety. The rubber on the handlebars provides a secure grip when riding along the road.

Suspension And Comfort

The CITYRIDER scooter’s suspension springs are not installed. The riding will be difficult and choppy on rough roads. Although the air pockets in the honeycomb wheels aren’t much used on bumpy roads, they do help to absorb tension.

The target market is individuals who reside in or near cities, and the sturdy honeycomb wheels offer sufficient shock absorption for enjoyable rides on paved city roads. Although it is a big flaw for this scooter, the absence of a suspension system is reasonable given its high price.

Ride Excellence

The lack of suspension springs makes riding this e-scooter on uneven terrain challenging and reminiscent of riding a kick scooter. The ride is smooth and pleasurable on paved roads, though, and the scooter quickly reaches its peak speed. However, the scooter finds it difficult to speed uphill.

The electric scooter CITYRIDER comes with cruise control. This function helps the cyclist maintain a steady pace. You may disable the cruise control by using the brakes or the throttle.

Cruise control can be annoying when going down a slope since it could abruptly stop or accelerate to keep up with the cruising pace. The rider might become confused if the cruise control engages suddenly.


It has incredibly beautiful headlights and taillights. The headlight is situated high on the stem and has adequate brightness to light the way. When the tail lights flicker to signify braking, oncoming traffic is informed.


The CITY RIDER is 28.5 pounds in weight. Even if it’s light enough to carry only a short distance, lugging it about all day might wear out your arms. With an unfurled height of 47 inches and a folded length of 43 inches, the scooter is also rather small.

The CITY RIDER folds at the stem, not the deck, which is a crucial distinction to make. Since it can’t lay totally flat, this slightly reduces its mobility, but it doesn’t really make it impossible to move. When folded, the stem hinge feels safe and provides excellent stability.

Build Quality

Although this scooter’s construction quality is generally respectable, there are certain shortcomings. The sleek and sophisticated appearance of this scooter is one of its advantages. Due to the hardwood deck, it has a rather vintage appearance.

The scooter’s frame is built of sturdy steel that doesn’t ratchet while you ride it, giving it stability. While riding, the CITY RIDER gives you the impression that this is strong, which it is, and gives you the assurance that it is made to last. It has an easy design. However, that just strengthens the scooter’s durability because there aren’t many potential points of failure.

The front and back of the CITY RIDER are also illuminated with LEDs. Since the headlights are sufficiently bright to allow for nighttime mobility, this offers a fair degree of safety. Other drivers are quite likely to spot you in traffic thanks to the backlights, which are also an excellent signal.



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