The most suitable tyres for all types of terrains

For you, tyres are basically the parts that maintain stability in your car and make it run smoothly. Quite right! But you probably think that all types of tyres are the same. And that is why you don’t even think twice before heading to your mechanic and instructing them to change the tyres when required. But what about the types of roads that you often hit? Don’t you know that there are different variants of tyres specially made for these distinct types of roads? If not, then you need to read this post very carefully.

The different types of tyres you need as per their suitable terrains

We specifically advise you to take your car to a reputable tyre supplier when you require to change or replace them. Whether it is the luxury wheels you are looking for or the cheap tyres in Auckland, Best New Tyre is that one shop stop which has it all for you. Not just this, they’ll suggest on the kinds of tyres you should install according to the terrains you mostly travel on.

  • Mud tyres 

Just as the name suggests, these tyres are specially made for muddy terrains. They consist of thick tread patterns designed to make the vehicle glide smoothly through muddy surfaces. Because of the thick tread, you get traction on muddy surfaces. And the larger tread blocks that consist of broad grooves prevents the mud from sticking to the tyres.

  • Sand tyres

The next type is sand tyres. These are specifically made to drive perfectly on deserts or sandy roads. They have sequentially arranged rubber paddles that are based on smooth rubber bases having smaller tread blocks. These blocks are further divided into narrow grooves or sipes. You get the much-needed grip through this tyre via these narrow sipes which help to easily get through sandy surfaces.

  • Off road tyres

If you commute both on sandy surfaces and on highways or regular roads, then off-road tyres are most suitable for you. What’s more, they don’t even burn a hole in your pocket. These are super tough and made in such a way that they can withstand and bear all kinds of tough terrains without causing many problems. But the only drawback of this tyre is that it makes a lot of noise while moving.

  • All terrain tyres

As these tyres are called all-terrain types, they should be suitable for all kinds of roads. But you’ll find them causing difficulties on sandy roads. Mostly, you will find these kinds of tyres installed in your SUVs and are preferable for long drives a lot. But still, many of the experts recommend you not to drive at a high speed when using them.

Now that you know the main types of tyres, it would be easy for you to pick the one that suits your lifestyle and your regular commuting route. But still, if you find some difficulty in picking the best one for your vehicle, then the car and tyre experts are always there to guide you better. 

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