Disinfection Fogger
Disinfection Fogger

The Reasons for Dust

Sprayers atomization disinfection fogger is a good way to work against dust. We all dislike dust. However, we have to keep better understanding of dust. Then we protect ourselves from dust. There are roughly the following reasons for the generation of indoor “dust”. Targeted solutions to these problems can greatly reduce indoor dust and alleviate some problems caused by dust, such as allergies, colds, and so on.


 Disinfection Fogger
Disinfection Fogger

Firstly, general particulate matter brought in the atmosphere, including suspended atmospheric particulate matter. The particle size of these particles is generally less than 2 microns. It stays in the air for a long time and subsidence atmospheric particles. Falling atmospheric particulates are large in their own right, and they are one of the main sources of dust in your home. Wireless electric nano mister helps you to remove dust and clean indoor environment.

Secondly, particles brought in, such as particles brought in by people or pets from the outdoors, such as contamination on the soles or soles of feet, particles on clothes and pets, etc. These particles are substituted from the outdoors and may be re-dispersed in the indoor air, where they settle on furniture surfaces or floors. Substitute particulate matter is also one of the main causes of dust in your home.

Thirdly, particles are generated. It mainly include dander, hair, and fibers dropped by people and pets, and fibers from bedding, cooking fumes, and cigarette particles from indoor smoking. Particulate matter generation is another source of dust in your home.  Wireless electric nano mister has long battery life. It is rechargeable with USB Type C cable, easy to use 1 button activation.

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