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The Top 5 Beaches in USA

Following are The Top 5 Beaches in USA you need to visit -There is nothing better than going on your well-deserved beach vacation. You may just spend a day or a week there. Staying in the beachside luxury hotels is another thing travelers long for. Also, you can plan a vacation with your family, friends, or just a solo one. Having a beach day has a calming yet exciting ring to it. You can just lie down and sip cocktails or try out adventure sports. It can be a laid-back break or an adventurous one; it is all up to you. You may choose what you wish to do the entire vacation due to the many options.

The USA is a beautiful country. Its beaches and natural scenes are something you need to see at least once. It will help you skip the pomp and show of the city life too. Also, every nature lover needs to see all the best beaches here actually to explore the beauty. You cannot just stay in a tourist city and say you have explored the USA. The actual exploration begins outside those famous tourist spots. Grab those Direct flights from Delhi to USA and start your journey to explore nature.

Include the following top 5 beaches in the USA in your itinerary too:

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Yes, it is not one of those famous spots where you will find hundreds of tourists clicking pictures. But, for a nature lover, this would be the perfect spot. You can just book into any of the cozy lodging options and plan a relaxing day here. You don’t need to bother about not finding a picnic spot. Only a few explorers make it here, making it even a perfect spot to go with your loved ones.

You can go to the Hug Pointe, which is just near, and dive in the waterfall too for an adventure.

Red Sand Beach, Maui

Another beautiful yet offbeat gem, the Red Sand beach, needs to be on your list. It will help you have an adventurous hike and see the beauty of its red-colored cliffs. You can click stunning pictures here without worrying about people getting in the shot.

It is also the perfect spot to spend the day sunbathing and just relaxing.

Oak Street Beach, Chicago

You will find tourists and locals here easily because of the scenic views. This beach has access to many facilities such as a biking path, running lane, and obviously the spectacular views of Chicago. It is a perfect spot when you just want to have a dip in the water and enjoy the day with your kids.

Ditch Plains Beach, New York

You can have a great surf here and afterward opt for the delicious food options. It is a perfect retreat from the tourist beaches in New York, and have a wonderful day with your group.

Don’t miss out on the many food options here and just lie down on the beach afterward.

Baker Beach, San Francisco

You’ll experience ht beauty of the natural views plus the Golden Gate bridge altogether. It is a great option to book into one of the luxury hotel or mansion options here and just live in luxury. You might even see the dolphins here if you are lucky!


Plan a trip and book your Non stop flights from USA to India. Include all these beaches in your itinerary for a fun and exciting holiday!


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