The United States will end the time change by 2023?
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The United States will end the time change by 2023?

When does the time change? Is it early or late? What does it mean for the day to day? These are some of the most repeated questions twice a year , at a time when in most countries of the world, especially in the West, it is time to update the clocks that could soon have an end. Especially if the United States proposal goes ahead, which has taken the first big step towards saying goodbye to a measure that was stuck in the past.

After the First World War and in order to rationalize the most basic energies such as coal, the leaders of the whole world came to the conclusion that depending on the season of the year there should be one hour or another. One more than was appropriate or one less, depending on the moment, which meant energy savings for both industries and families.

Under that premise, the time was always changed on up to two occasions over the years, in the summer or winter season , until climate change fully entered public opinion. In the 21st century, the measure is increasingly debated, different studies have been showing that energy savings are minimal, even sometimes leading to health problems .

The United States will end the time change by 2023

That is why the West has been debating in recent years whether to abolish the time change forever and opt for immovable use, in a step that the United States has now taken. There, the Senate has unanimously approved to suppress the modification and maintain the daylight saving time from November 2023 .

Leaving, therefore, still a year and a half to adapt to this suppression, there would still be the change of November 2022 and March 2023, which would be the definitive one, along the way. Of course, for this measure to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the House of Representatives (Congress) must also give its approval, which would later go to the president, Joe Biden , for him to sanction it.

Will there be an end to the time change in Europe?

A measure with which they intend to have more hours of sunlight , something that Europe has been looking for for a long time. With a commission for this in the European Union since 2018 that analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of suppressing the time change, the Old Continent is still reluctant to give a shot to the position. 

To do so, the EU would leave each Member State to choose summer or winter time , according to its interests, so it would then be up to each country to give free rein to the measure. As far as Spain is concerned, in recent days the Official State Gazette (BOE) has recognized the time changes until 2026 as official, so until then, unless further announcement is made, the time changes will be maintained in March and October each year. anus.

When does the time change for this 2022?

Being always the change of time to summer use in Spain for the last Saturday of March , for this 2022 the modification on all the clocks will take place on March 26 . In other words, that Saturday at 2:00 will become 3:00 , so Sunday night will have one hour less with the aim of gaining one hour of sunlight until October.

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