The worst and best colours for sleep patterns!

Colours influence our mental condition a lot. Agreed? Then even your sleep patterns cannot be left behind. If you are feeling extremely sleepy and gloomy in a certain room, it’s the colour and the ambience that has a significant role in your sleepiness. Well, so doesn’t this point out an important thing? We mean, you should choose the colours that induce more sleep for your bedroom, guest room, and nursery, and the ones that drive away this feeling for your study room, home office, and living room.

The colours that lead to sleepiness and the ones that don’t!

Before you read in detail about these colours impacting your sleepiness, do remember that all colours are beautiful in their own sense regardless of how they affect your mental condition. You just require calling the good painters in Christchurch from Kowhai who have the talent to transform the entire house into an impressive beauty with their exclusive experience and energetic work. But if you really want to know the colours that are good for your sleep patterns (and the unsuitable ones), read on:

  • Yellow – good for sleep — Yellow is charming no doubt. It’s also a happy and attractive colour. That is why it has the power to induce sleep in you. Research says yellow is the best for kids’ rooms as this colour makes them sleep quickly.
  • Purple — unsuitable for good sleep — Purple is beautiful. It looks enchanting in any kind of décor. But this colour also boosts your energy and creativity. And this is the reason this colour keeps you motivated and doesn’t let you sleep easily. Well, maybe that’s the reason the experts find this colour suitable for school rooms or home offices and even outdoor spaces rather than bedrooms.
  • Green – good for sleep — Green is naturally soothing and a relaxing shade. Since it’s the colour attributed to nature, it is even peaceful and serene. That’s the reason it even lets you sleep peacefully, easily, and contented. A guest room or bedrooms with green shaded walls improve your sleeping patterns better.
  • Grey – unsuitable for good sleep —Grey is a sombre shade. This often reminds you of rainy days and gloom. But it also induces tranquillity. That is why a grey shade is best suited for libraries and bathrooms.
  • Orange – good for sleep — Orange is refreshing, charming, and warm. And some surveys conclude that it’s also great to cure indigestion. But yes, it induces a refreshing feel and nice sleep. That’s why softer tones of orange are highly recommended for bedrooms, nurseries, and guest rooms. It is also popular for kitchens and dinettes in its warmer avatar.
  • Red – unsuitable for good sleep — Red is a highly dynamic shade with lots of active energy and passion. It keeps you alive and wide awake. The energy driven from red in a room can make you passionate, provide motivation, keep you moving, and provide new ideas; but it will never let you sleep easily. That is why red is most suitable for studios, offices, living rooms, and play areas, or even kitchen and dining rooms.

We hope this guide is useful to you. Now you know which colour would be suited for your bedroom to induce sleep and tranquillity. 

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