There Are 3 Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Any Beginner
There Are 3 Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Any Beginner

There Are 3 Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Any Beginner

People use the internet to communicate, acquire information, and do daily tasks like banking and shopping. It should come as no surprise that businesses are going digital in order to offer their goods and services where their customers are since more than half of the world’s population has access to the internet.


In 2019, 70 percent of organisations will either implement or develop a digital transformation strategy, according to Forbes. 52 percent of marketers worldwide have placed significant focus on digital transformation as a way to spur growth.


With so many people staying at home due to the pandemic and increasing internet usage, we are currently experiencing the fastest digital transformation in the history of the contemporary corporation.


Businesses are scrambling to use digital to connect with customers and promote their goods online. Digital marketers are in more demand as more companies move their sales online.


Learn digital marketing is undoubtedly a popular topic at the moment, and many individuals are thinking about pursuing it as a career. Given that many businesses are not currently hiring, you might be worried about your employment prospects. Instead of worrying, focus on developing your skills and enhancing your portfolio.


It’s a mistake to let the pace of change in digital marketing outpace your capacity for flexibility and skill expansion. Now is the time to brush up on your knowledge of digital marketing and position yourself to be a potential hire if the pandemic situation changes.


Here are three things you can do to develop your talents and learn more about the subject if you’re a recent graduate or attempting to get into the digital marketing industry.


Three Methods to learn Digital Marketing


1. Learn independently by using online resources.


Google and Facebook both provide free recognised courses.


Use of FREE internet learning resources is a great place to start.


Both Facebook’s Blueprint and Google’s Skillshop are well-known services among ambitious digital marketers. They offer a wide variety of recent and updated courses in addition to being trustworthy and credible learning resources. You can also get recognised certificates once you’ve finished the lessons!


Check out Google Skillshop, for instance. It offers crucial training for Google products like Google Analytics and Google Ads, which are today’s indispensable tools for businesses engaged in digital marketing and ad specialists. Therefore, it will be beneficial to learn how to use these Google products to their fullest extent and obtain a Google product certification to highlight your expertise to potential employers.


Beginners learn faster since the classes and content are separated into levels of difficulty. You’ll need to recertify every year because, on average, digital marketing credentials are only valid for a year. Don’t worry; Google Skillshop will remind you to recertify before your certification expires.


Along with Facebook Blueprint and Google Skillshop, HubSpot is another well-liked educational resource for marketers. On its website, HubSpot offers a significant selection of free training and online courses. Learning is made simple and effective for everyone with the courses, which are typically less than 4 hours long and taught by industry experts.


General Assembly, a different well-known training platform, is currently providing “Free Fridays,” a selection of free digital marketing courses geared toward beginners. These are instructive introductory courses for anyone interested in a career in digital marketing, despite the fact that they are not certified courses.


There are affordable digital marketing courses accessible.


Additional top choices include Equinet Academy, Academy Of Digital Marketing, and Udemy. Academy Of Digital Marketing provides leadership and soft skill training in addition to public and business training in digital marketing, media, and advertising. We highly recommend the Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS) programme, which Singaporeans who self-fund will receive up to 90% of the cost of. This course will help you obtain a comprehensive understanding of every facet of digital marketing.


If you want to learn more about social media marketing in-depth, check out Udemy, which is now running a promotion for their web design courses.


2. Obtain relevant experience

Having both practical and intellectual skills is essential, whether you’re writing an article, making a video, or managing an Instagram feed.


It’s possible that you’re a voracious reader who also likes to write. Open a blog and create a list of articles you’d like to share with readers online. You can utilise our guide to improve your knowledge of content marketing and to acquire some copywriting tips. You’ll get better at creating content as you write more.


If you enjoy filming and editing but aren’t great at writing, you can concentrate on developing your video marketing skills, which are becoming more and more important in today’s business environment. You don’t have to use a camera that’s designed for professionals.


On your smartphone, start by experimenting with various frames and angles. You will get more at ease with videography as you practise.


As you work on your projects, you’re building a portfolio that will enable you to demonstrate your best work to a potential employer. Since you’ll be able to use actual projects to illustrate your level of knowledge and talents, you’ll stand out from other applicants who don’t have a portfolio.


3. Find a business that meets your needs so you can gain experience there.

Working your way up to real-world experience is still the best way to learn. This is so that you may get answers, work on actual projects, and evaluate the results of your efforts.


However, if we work from home occasionally, this might not be an option. However, you should seize this chance to advance your knowledge of digital marketing. Build your resume and gain industry knowledge to increase your appeal to potential employers.


If the pandemic situation improves and employers start hiring again, you’ll be better prepared to find a job with a digital marketing agency. If you’re interested in working for us in digital marketing, check out our current openings.


Final Reflections


When we talk about digital marketing, we mean everything from copywriting to enhancing the user experience through better UI/UX design. You can become an expert in many different fields and approaches. Check out the most popular online learning resources, then begin your journey into digital marketing! Don’t forget to follow our blog to stay up to date on all things digital marketing.


If you wish to start a career in digital marketing or if you need assistance, get in touch with us.



What is a course in digital marketing?


Students learn how to approve things online in a digital marketing course, including through search engines, social media, and email, among other locations. You will learn in this course how data is gathered and how to evaluate the strategies used by marketers. It teaches you several modules and aids in your understanding of how our industry functions with the aid of digital marketers.

What makes learning about digital marketing important?


In today’s world, new technologies are developed, and markets need to be updated frequently. Additionally, digital marketing keeps you current, and businesses utilise digital marketers to stay on top of the newest trends. It implies that there are several prospects for digital marketers and that attending a digital marketing school is necessary to become one. Additionally, enrolling in a digital marketing school will improve your knowledge.


The best place to enrol in a digital marketing training is at Academy Of Digital Marketing.


It provides you with the best, most helpful, most agreeable personnel.


The teaching staff is very competent and uses an interesting style to thoroughly explain each topic.


After you finish your degree, they offer you a fair-paying internship and respond to all of your queries.


They can provide you a number of other certificates in addition to the Google certification.


Additionally, they promise complete job placement every single time.


  1. basic principles of digital marketing
  2. Comparing traditional and digital marketing
  3. fundamental ideas in digital marketing
  4. How to Create a Plan for Digital Marketing
  5. Implementation and Schema Markup
  6. Important Digital Marketing Elements
  7. SEO
  8. PPC
  9. SMM
  10. Content Promotion
  11. Email Promotion
  12. Video Advertising
  13. designing graphics
  14. Earn income online
  15. Impact Marketing
  16. Preparing for an interview
  17. Internet marketing
  18. Internet Analytics
  19. Internet marketing
  20. development of a website
  21. Dropshipping’
  22. Freelancer


You can select from any of these areas of digital marketing depending on your interests and skill set.




Enrolling in a Digital Marketing course at Academy Of Digital Marketing in Kolkata is the best plan of action for this programme.


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