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Things Champion is Doing Right in Athleisure Industry

Champion Sportswear has been around for more than 100 years, and there is a reason for that. They adapted to the change and sometimes brought the change themselves. Whether it was Champion athletic shirts, wholesale blank t-shirts, shorts, hoods or pants, they provided what was needed at that particular time. It is an excellent brand that is not high-end and is superior in quality. The Athleisure industry has been booming for a long time now. People tend to choose a hybrid quality in literally everything. So, why not have a mixed grade in clothing as well? Athleisure give you just that. They look good; you can play, work and relax in them. You can wear them to school, college or even the workplace. They fit everywhere.

So how is Champion doing in the Athleisure industry? What are some of the things they have done right? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Affordable Rates

The first thing Champion is famous for is its excellent rates. Champion has never gone high-end in price perspectives. It has always been in the reach of buyers. Even though they had struggled in the Athleisure industry from time to time when their competitors gave them hard times, it is one of many reasons why you might fall in love with this fantastic people-friendly brand. You probably might even have come across it and never noticed it in the past. However, for people who couldn’t afford popular brands, Champion was always there.

High-End Quality

Champion sportswear has always been unique and of top-notch quality. Competing alone in the Athleisure industry is not easy, but if you try to keep your product high-end while keeping its prices average, it can become a corporate nightmare. However, not only did they maintain prices on the intermediate level but also kept the quality excellent.

Brand trust

Another plus with Champion is their genuine brand following. They have done this one right. You need to understand that consistency makes a brand prosper and shine. Moreover, Champion is not afraid to deliver and certainly not scared of consistency. Therefore, they never let their followers go astray and provide them as per their expectations on time, every time.

Champion has always been a big supporter of sports teams of various areas and localities. They have financed them, supported them and above all promoted them along with their brand.

Unique Designs

Old is gold. Champion is as old as they come. They are, in a way, pioneers of the original sportswear designs. Compatible and stunning designs have been brought in by the professionals of Champion in the Athleisure industry, thus securing a unique position in this particular industry. Unfortunately, champion sportswear felt a deadly blow during past decades due to certain advertising factors and inadaptability to the latest fashion trends. But, realizing their mistakes, they rose from their ashes like a Pheonix and came back with full force in the past couple of years. You might have heard a new slogan around – Champion is cool again.

In the Athleisure industry, Champion is making its name shine with unique, comforting, weather-appropriate designs and fabrics. Champion athletic shirts, pants, hoodies and other sportswear are among the most adored sports choices everywhere.


Having a fantastic brand logo and good advertising is not enough to keep the buyers coming back. You need to present them with excellent quality while keeping your price ladder in check. Similarly, failing to provide more than expected grades can destroy your brand and reputation. Champion in the Athleisure industry has been pushing precisely the correct quality and has been gaining more and more buyers.

Champion’s selection of fabrics is on another level. Their quality control has been working perfectly and delivering fantastic products at exceptional rates. As a result, the Athleisure industry has a rush hour of Champion sportswear.


Broadening the market

They are providing sportswear and Athleisure for people of all ages and genders. As a result, men, women, and children can find their needed wear in mainstream stores online or by visiting the retail stores. By doing so, they have become a complete brand that sells clothing for all. Not only that, but they have also increased their customers exponentially.


Yes, you got that right; Athleisure itself is something Champion is doing right. Versatility is one of the vital needs of today’s fast-paced lifestyles. People expect multiple features in a product. They want to listen to the tunes, take photos and make calls with the same gadget. Similarly, they want numerous choices in their clothing as well. So why not wear the same type of clothes to work and the gym?

So, they are producing a decent range of clothing that can be worn almost anywhere, thus making their name among one of the most demanded leisure brands.


Sportwear marketing rolls with the sports teams of various games. If the team you are sponsoring is no good, it affects your marketing. Also, it is crucial to move with the market if you want it to follow you. Unfortunately, there came a time when Champion had lost on both venues. Their team was failing, and they were not moving with the market. However, they were not quitters, and they reached out to the human psychological part where a man wants to be seen as “cool.” Their strategy was to promote Champion as a synonym with the word cool. It paid off, and Champion was back in the game more robust than ever. Today, Champion sportswear can compete on equal grounds with any of the world-famous brands. Their branding and marketing strategies in the Athleisure industry are quite a buzz in marketing circles nowadays.


Champion sportswear has peaked in the Athleisure industry. So you can expect from apparel; bottoms, hoodies and other types of regular wear when you walk in one of their franchises or shop online. They are certainly doing right in providing the expected variety in their merchandise. If you have a design, color, fitting or product in your mind, there is a higher chance that you can find it at Champion. Finally, they have adapted to the latest trends, fashion, styles and needs of people of all ages and sectors. Similarly, checking all those factors, Champion is constantly pushing the needed and expected amount of merchandise in the market.


Champion was always a superb choice of brand. However, there were some times when they lost market due to certain managerial factors. Nevertheless, Champion sportswear is becoming popular day after day and steadily taking a sound bite of the market. They have excelled in marketing, variety, fabric selection, quality control, and developing a sound base of brand trust.

In the Athleisure industry and among the top leisure brands globally, they have made a lot of noise during the past few years. Their strategy is on the right track, they are growing steadily, and above all, their prices are still in the range of an ordinary man’s.

There was a time when Champion was considered a poor man’s choice. However, today nobody will assume that you bought it from Walmart at a cheaper rate if you are wearing it now. It is firmly positioned, scaling internationally, and has evolved into an affordable fashion choice.



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