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Things You Need to Know about Rehabilitation after abdominoplasty

Rehabilitation after abdominoplastyAbdominoplasty is an operation aimed at correcting the anterior abdominal wall. You can tighten the stomach and remove excess fat and soft tissues during it. People also search for butt injections to look smarter.

Immediately after surgery

Recovery after abdominoplasty is a long process due to large-scale tissue trauma, and pain is always present in the early postoperative period. To stop it, your doctor may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or narcotic drugs. The choice of the remedy depends on the intensity of the pain syndrome and the individual threshold of sensitivity. In addition to muscle pain, patients note a tightening sensation, which is also stopped by pain relievers and disappears after a few weeks. There are also edema, hematomas.

Immediately after the end of general anesthesia, nausea and dizziness occur. These sensations disappear after a few hours. The “CM-Clinic” uses the most modern means for general anesthesia. Therefore hallucinations, delirium, and other unpleasant symptoms are excluded. Recurrence of dizziness and nausea is possible after taking narcotic painkillers, but if the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the body adapts and copes with the “symptoms.”

In the first few days:

the patient is in the hospital under the round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel;
the abdomen will be hard and painful to the touch;
there will be a bandage and drains at the incision sites, which are cleaned several times a day;
it would help if you stayed in bed, get up with the help of medical personnel or relatives.
Early rehabilitation after abdominoplasty of the abdomen
Typically, abdominoplasty is a routine procedure. The patient remains in the hospital for 3-4 days, and after discharge, he regularly visits the doctor for examinations and treatment of stitches.

When are stitches removed after abdominoplasty?
If the sutures were applied with non-absorbable sutures, they are removed after 5-10 days. However, the doctor may leave the stitches for two weeks or more. At the same time, some zones can heal faster, others slower, so the stitches can be removed gradually – first in one place, then in another, and so gradually until everything heals. The removal procedure is completely painless, after which the incision site no longer needs to be processed.

Seam processing
The stitches should be treated twice a day, and the dressing should be changed regularly so that the wound heals faster and the risk of infection is eliminated. You cannot remove the crusts yourself – they should gradually fall off on their own. If they are damaged, depressions and scars will remain on the skin.

Drainage after abdominoplasty is removed after 2-4 days. If rubber graduates were introduced, they could be left for 10 days. It all depends on the volume of the effluent.

Swelling after abdominoplasty

Puffiness is a normal phenomenon, the body’s reaction to surgery. In the early days, the swelling may increase, and then it will gradually disappear. This can take several weeks. To relieve discomfort and quickly relieve puffiness, you can apply a dry cold compress if there are no contraindications to the doctor. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe different recommendations.

If the patient has cardiovascular system diseases, then the swelling will be greater. It is also influenced by the phase of the menstrual cycle, diet, exercise regimen, and the general activity of the patient. For the swelling to go away faster, you need to observe the water-salt balance recommended by the doctor.

How much to wear compression garments after abdominoplasty?
Compression garments are special underwear elements that support the operated soft tissues. The products are made from elastic but breathable fabrics, so they are comfortable and have no diaper rash. The essence of compression underwear is that it creates a uniform and constant pressure on it from all sides, covering a certain area of the body. This supports the abdomen and improves blood circulation, which speeds up healing. Pressure figures vary between 17-20 mm Hg. Art. is enough to maintain the silhouette modeled by the surgeon. The underwear reduces swelling and general discomfort and stabilizes tissues during healing. When the swelling disappears, the main function of the underwear is to support the abdomen. According to patients’ reviews, persistent pain syndrome persists in the first weeks after the operation if you do not wear compression underwear.

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The main advantages of linen:

effective support;
the overall beneficial effect on the healing process;
bandages and bandages are hidden under it, they will not move or get dirty, which means there will be no infection;
the pressure exerted accelerates the scarring process;
uniformity of pressure reduces the risk of hypertrophic and keloid scars;
After abdominoplasty, one of the recommendations after abdominoplasty is diet and underwear that puts pressure on the abdomen to help control satiety.
For the first 10-14 days, compression garments must not be removed around the clock. During the first month after the abdominoplasty, if there is no way to put on another set for the duration of washing and dry the clothes, you need to be in a horizontal position all this time.

How much to wear a bandage after abdominoplasty?
In the first two weeks – constantly. Then it can be removed while washing or washing/drying the set. In general, how much a corset will need to be worn after abdominoplasty is determined individually. On average, it is 1.5-2 months.

Recovery period at home
If the operation was serious, the patient is discharged from the hospital on the fourth day. If the intervention was insignificant, then on the second. The success of the recovery period and the quality of healing directly depend on adherence to the doctor’s recommendations. Sometimes you have to give up your usual way of life for one year. After about this time, the marks from the seams also completely disappear.

Basic rules for home restoration:

It is imperative to wear compression garments in the manner recommended by the doctor. Usually, for another 2-3 months after constant wearing, it is worn at moments of high physical exertion.
In the first few weeks, you need to walk, sit, and sleep in a slightly bent position to avoid tension on the seams. This will help the tissues grow together better.
Sleep is best on your back with your legs bent at the knees. The greatest amount of time you need to spend on rest.
In the first three months, any physical activity is prohibited, including lifting objects heavier than three kilograms, fitness, athletics. Exercises can only be done as prescribed by the doctor.
If the work does not involve physical activity, the sick leave can be closed in a week. Otherwise, in a month.
You can shower before removing the stitches, but do not wet them.
For two months, you must not overheat – go to the bath, sauna, take a hot bath.
In the first six months, the abdomen should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, so you should not sunbathe on the beaches or in the solarium.
In the postoperative period, the diet is important. It would help if you ate five to six times a day in small portions. In the first week, you need to exclude foods that cause flatulence: cabbage, bananas, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits, baked goods, carbonated drinks.
Until the stitches are removed, you need to exclude intimacy and then – be careful and avoid pain in the abdomen.
Taking any medications should be agreed with your doctor, even the simplest pain reliever.

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