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Three Signs You Need New Brakes – See If You Can Repair

As a consistent driver, you must know that an oil change gets due every three months or 3,000 miles, the level of your coolant fluid needs to be checked regularly and maintained, the tire pressure needs to be monitored every week, and so on. But there are areas you often look over, such as the brakes.

Have you ever put a cent into the idea of brake maintenance? How do you know if it’ time to change or repair your brakes? Do you have any idea what signs reflect that your brakes need to be changed or repaired?

If you ask a group of drivers about their biggest driving fear, most of them would probably mention the failure of brakes, even the most consistent and enthusiastic drivers. Brake failure is undoubtedly scary, and none of you would want that, no matter how big of a driving adventurer you are. However, not knowing the warning signs or the indicators for a brake failure could result in putting yourself, your car, and the passengers at huge risk.

To make sure you, your car, and all your passengers remain safe, you have to be very cautious and proactive about your brakes. You shall have profound knowledge about when your brakes need to be repaired or changed, and the signs might indicate a brake failure. Knowing the right details and acting upon them proactively could save you from the disastrous events of brake failures.

To help you understand when your brakes need to be repaired or changed, this blog post highlights three signs indicating the need for new brakes.

Dive in to burst your curiosity!

Vibrations at the Time of Braking 

Vibration at the braking time is a clear sign of warped rotors. However, they might also represent the non-alignment of your vehicle. This vibration can look similar to what happens as an outcome of a brake pedal in the midst of a panic stop when your car gets equipped with the anti-lock brakes.

The vibration occurring while you apply the brakes without engaging the anti-lock brakes represents warped rotors undoubtedly. They are often an outcome of long-term severe braking, such as towing or driving down the steep mountains. A massive amount of friction is likely to be created in such situations, producing a lot of heat inside rotors and turning them warped. The vibrations occur because of the brake pads being unable to grab through the surface in an even manner.

Driving under such circumstances is purely dangerous for both the car and the passengers. However, if you have to drive by all means – ensure taking intervals so that the brakes cool off. And as soon as you reach a safe place, either get your brakes repaired or replace them with new brakes without any delay.

Screeching and Low-Rumbling Sounds 

When it comes to knowing the health of your car brakes, all it calls for is an attentive and proactive attitude. Listen to the surroundings as you pull the brakes; is there any sound? In case you hear a screeching or low rumbling sound, your brakes need to be repaired. If you hear the sounds very often, you need to replace the brakes with new ones.

The only time when a screeching or low rumbling sound at the time of braking isn’t a sign of new brakes is your car has been recently exposed to water, either washed or been through rain. Water is likely to create a thin layer on the brake rotors, which produces a slight squealing sound when brakes are applied. The sound goes away with time as the rust from the brake rotors worn off.

Another thing you could do when examining the health of your brakes is to look for visible wear. Though it’s a complicated process, it can surely help you determine the shape of your brake pads from pretty close. As you look through the spaces between the spokes of your tire, the brake pads shall be pressed against the rotor. The size of brake pads shall be around ¼ inches, and if you see that any less than ¼ inches, get your car brakes inspected and repaired without delay.

In case the damage is huge, you might also need to get the new brakes installed. If you’re planning to sell your car, searching who buys used cars near me is often the right option.

Pulling At the Time of Braking 

If your car is likely to pull towards a particular side each time you apply the brakes, it’s a clear sign that your brakes need repair or replacement. Likewise, there are chances that your brake lining has got uneven, causing the vehicle to pull at a particular side when brakes are applied. No matter the reason, your brakes either need adjustment, repair, or replacement, and for that, they need to get inspected first.

Pulling also happens as an outcome of an alien object appearing in the brake fluids at the time of braking. The ideal way to deal with that is by draining all the fluid and replacing it with a fresh and new one.

Should The Brake Pads & Rotors Be Replaced Simultaneously?

Now that you know about the signs that trigger replacing or repairing your brakes, the question of whether to replace both the brake pads and rotors simultaneously must appear in your mind. The answer to your query is an absolute yes. It’s always ideal for getting your brake pads and rotors replaced simultaneously because they’re most likely to have a similar level of damage. They are placed together at a place, comes in contact on a regular basis, and so they’re likely to have a sound understanding. Putting new rotors with existing brake pads or vice-versa might further impact your driving adversely. Thus, the best thing is to replace them together and ensure a smooth yet secure driving experience.

How Long Does the New Brakes Last Perfectly?

In general, the new brakes work fine up to 50,000 miles. However, some brakes might need replacement after 25,000 miles, while others’ lifespan may extend to 70,000 miles.  In addition to the miles, some other factors may also contribute to the life span of new brakes, such as the driving habits and conditions.

Get Your Brakes Replaced or Repaired without Delay 

As soon as you see even one of these signs in your vehicle, it’s prime time to get your brakes either replaced or repaired. To know whether they need repairing or replacement, you shall always get your vehicle inspected by a popular car repairing service.

If you’re planning to sell your car, the best way to do it is to search for who buys used cars near me and find the one paying the most promising amount against your vehicle. Apart from looking at the selling amount, you shall also consider other factors such as the credibility of buyers, whether they offer towing facilities or not, and what is their average time for paying the amount. The best buyers of used cars provide instant cash and provide towing facilities free of cost.

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