Tips for A Simple Budget Roka Ceremony

Indian weddings are a series of auspicious occasions. Unlike any other culture or religion, Hindu weddings are performed in different major steps. Starting from Roka, followed by Mehendi, Mahila Sangeet, Haldi, Ring-ceremony, and Wedding. Roka is a Hindi word that means “officially we have stopped each other” in English. After Roka, both individuals can commonly be categorized as Couples. This is the first and one of the most important customs performed in Indian weddings.

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, weddings are no more like weddings. You aren’t sure if there would be a third wave of coronavirus or not. So, planning Roka on a budget would be the best idea. But who said budget weddings cannot be pretty and fun? They can be both, it is all about efforts, hacks, and quirky ideas. Roka now is an elaborate affair, which our family members want to include. It is no longer performed in a 4-wall room with only a few members. In this article, we have mentioned some special tips for a simple budget Roka ceremony, that will leave everyone stunning. To make your Roka, Roka of your dream, follow the steps and hacks mentioned below and enjoy your wedding time.

Tips for a Small Budget Roka Ceremony

We will use some of the best hacks to make your Roka ceremony amazing and fun on a budget in this section. Let’s start.

1.  Cut down your guest list.

Cutting short your guest’s list is the best method to make your wedding an intimate one because of the lockdown conditions. Right now, there are many restrictions over the number of people to gather at one place, and if we take the third wave into consideration, inviting fewer guests would be a perfect idea. This will also save money and you won’t be feeling guilty when you say no to your guests if you have invited them earlier. This way you can organize a fun, amazing Roka ceremony with hygiene control and which will fit in your budget.

2.  Opting for a Home venue

In this pandemic, no place is safer than our home. Organizing the Roka ceremony at the home venue is a good idea, especially, in this COVID-19 situation. Government is right now in no mood to allow parties and ceremonies to be held like what they used to be. Thus, it becomes important to curtail the guest list and organize the event at home. In this way, you will be able to enjoy yourself more, with extra safety.

You can use your terrace, your lawn, or your veranda as the venue by properly decorating it. You can also take help from a wedding planner for the décor purpose. You can also organize your Roka Ceremony at your social hall or clubhouse too. Confirm from your near and dear before booking a hall if your house does not have enough space to organize the ceremony.

3. Pick your outfit wisely.

For your Roka ceremony, you do not need to spend a bomb to look amazing. A simple, sober dress will also look elegant if managed properly. You can use many hacks present on the internet to give a blended look to your normal outfit. You can also wear your old outfits because Roka never demands high-fi outfits. If you are confused and didn’t have a proper dress to wear, then you can also take help from online fashion stores like Myntra, Banu Designs, Amazon, or Ajio. These online fashion stores have some amazing collections and of course, on budget. You can also rent a special dress for your Roka ceremony, that will help you in cutting down the expenses.

Save your precious Indian Jewelry for your wedding, as less is sufficient in the Roka ceremony. Keep your eye on all the trending outfits and grab them when you see you can afford them.

4.    Entertainment

Roka is a simple event in Indian Weddings that does not demand any sort of DJ or extra sound. You can use simple home treaters if you need to play music at high volume. Booking a DJ for your Roka event isn’t a good idea and is a waste of money. You can play your playlist and play them in the loop to bind up the moment. Spending money on the stage area is also kinda a waste of money for the Roka ceremony. You can use these extra expenses in décor elements to give a great look to your ceremony.

5.  Do not compromise in Décor

Compromising in décor isn’t a good idea. You can apply here the extra expenses that you have saved from everywhere else. Choose the right theme that will attract your guest’s attention. You can also learn different décor hacks from the Internet to save some money.  Also, make sure you are substituting proper lighting at your venue as this will only give you a “Roka vala Feel”

6.  Catering

No problem is you are not able to offer many food items because of your budget, but whatever you are offering, it must be delicious and of high quality. You can pick an appetizer or two, also you can offer two desserts and 3-4 main courses. This is it. In catering, if you are running budget-friendly, investing in less food to offer the right quality is the key to delight your guests. If you are organizing a cake-cutting ceremony on Roka, then you can serve the cake as a dessert.

7.  DIY your favors.

In this COVID-19 situation, buying something from the market doesn’t seem to be a good idea. You can use this quarantine time to think of a great idea that you can plan to give beautiful DIY favors to your guests. If you want to win over your guest’s heart, a small gift can do it for you. Giving baked cookies, or something like this is a unique idea trending nowadays. You can also give a small handmade gift to your guests, which is also a good idea. This will save you money as well as increase the elegance level of your party.

8.   Cut down extra expenditure

This is the pro tip for a simple budget Roka ceremony. Spending more on the Roka ceremony isn’t a good idea. You can cut down the extra expenditure by applying various hacks. For the décor system, you can use waste products and your creativity, also, you can choose a theme that will go in your budget. You can also cut short some fun elements in the Roka ceremony and save them for more pre-wedding rituals. Some more hacks that you should follow to cut down your expenditure are.

  • You can send digital invitations instead of printed invitations. Digital invitations can also be fun, think of GIFs and Videos. This will save your printed costs and traveling You can send these digital invitations via any social media platform.
  • Do not go for exotic flowers in your Roka ceremony. They are more costly and portray almost the same effect. You can try local sustainable flowers that will reduce your delivery cost also.
  • Venue management is the next thing that you can keep in mind if you want to end your Roka Ceremony on a You can understand your venue and use only essential décor elements. For example, if you have an open lawn or garden venue, then using flowers as the décor element wouldn’t be a good idea. The Garden theme will look amazing if you will keep it raw and neat.
  • Do not go for a 5-tier cake. You can opt for any customized cake with two-tiers or one-tier. a 5-tier cake will cost you thousands more. The basic meaning of cake cutting ceremony is to enjoy the moment, this can also be done with the single-tier cake.

9. Roka Ceremony Makeup for the Brides.

For a bride, every function is a big function. She wants to make the most of moments and occasions. Yes, this expenditure is expected and is worth it. Brides are a bit more conscious about their makeup. This is the moment when they find the chance to flaunt their beautiful skin. Cutting expenditure from this area to keep your Roka Ceremony budget-friendly will not be a good idea. What you can do is to use homemade and natural products instead of those costly factory-made products. You can book any local makeup artist, instead of those prime-class artists to cut short your expenses. Come up with your best makeup on your wedding day.

10. Pre-wedding shoot

Yes, a pre-wedding shoot is essential to take these moments forward to your future. Who said you cannot perform a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot without a professional photographer? This is true. We all know how to take photos and how to capture moments. You can save thousands if you are giving your camera to any family member instead of hiring a professional photographer. You can use these photographs to announce your wedding to your social-media friends.

11. The Icebreaker moment

Well, this is the first time both the families are sitting together under one roof. This kinda is an awkward moment for both of the families. To avoid any such thing, use the dance floor as the medium to celebrate the moment. This can create that icebreaker moment that will allow both the families to freely laugh and interact with each other.

12. Increase your workload

One way to cut down the expenses of the Roka ceremony is to increase your workload. For a simple budget Roka ceremony, you can become the master of everything and take responsibilities over your shoulders instead of hiring anyone. For example, you can take the catering responsibility for your shoulders to avoid the extra expenditure of catering. This can be risky, but a good idea to run a budget-friendly Roka ceremony.

You marry only one time (in most of the cases), thus it becomes your responsibility to enjoy every moment of your wedding time. Make every night a night that is worth remembering in the future. Who said intimate weddings can’t be fun? They can be, and many people have proved that. How are you going to celebrate your Roka ceremony? Tell us in the comment section underneath.

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