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Tips for cleaning curtains and it is important?

Our home should always be clean because it is our vacation spot. We have to do our best to keep our house clean. More often than not, we prefer to buy new things, like furniture, to keep our house looking clean. Just like curtains, we tend to buy new curtains instead of cleaning them to make them look new. Don’t you think that’s too expensive?

It is a fact that curtains are now more affordable than in the past. This is why most families choose to buy new curtain. Instead of buying new curtains for the windows of our home, give them the care and cleaning they need. Cleaning curtains is very practical. I will give you some useful information about cleaning curtains so that they will last better and longer.

Get rid of dust and dirt.

Curtains are used to protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. We also use curtains to protect privacy. Curtain also controls indirect light coming in from the outside. It is for this reason that we absolutely need curtains.

Curtain get dirty easily, especially if we always have windows open. They also attract dirt and dust from outside. When the windows are closed, the curtains also cannot be cleaned of dust and dirt because the windows are not closed. You notice this because the air from outside can still pass through it. Therefore, the dirt and dust that can stain the curtains can also get in through them.

We can’t avoid contaminating the curtain because with all the cleaning we do in our house, ceiling fans, the dust, and dirt are just there. This is the most important reason why we need to keep our curtains clean to keep them looking good.

Regular cleaning.

In terms of cleaning curtains, the best option for many people is to wash them in the washing machine. However, this is very tedious, especially if you do it almost every week. Washing regularly also damages the fabric of the curtains and their beautiful gradient.

Instead, put a curtain on your list when you vacuum the house. If you do this every week, your curtains will stay clean. However, make sure the vacuum cleaner is set on low so it doesn’t swallow your curtains. You can also use static vacuums and other rags to remove dust from your curtains. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or duster, you should start at the top and work your way down.

Other cleaning options.

Today we are lucky because there are other tools for cleaning curtain, such as a portable steam cleaner. It is affordable and very useful. However, as with any other cleaning device, you need to check your curtain label to see if this type of cleaning device is allowed. You will find out if your curtains can withstand a portable steam cleaner if it is washable. You may not get the same beautiful results with this type of cleaner as you would with a washing machine, but you can be sure that it will help you clean your curtains. If you use such a cleaning device, you should not dust or vacuum your curtains afterward.


Why is curtain cleaning important?

It’s only been a few days since you moved into a new home with new furniture and upholstery. But today you’re surprised to find that the bright and shiny curtains you hung have lost their colors and look old and frayed. Before you are surprised that time flies so fast, stop and think. No, it hasn’t been that long since you moved into a new place. The reason why curtains look old is that they are constantly expose to dirt and dust from outside and inside. Therefore, regular cleaning of your curtains is a must.

That doesn’t mean you have to put all those heavy curtain in the washing machine every week. Not only is this tedious, but it will also shorten the life of the curtain. Instead, you can take them out of the window and vacuum them to remove the dust first. Since the curtain designs to cover windows, they should have sucked up all the dust from outside. Also, exposure to sunlight will cause their colors to fade quickly.

But that’s not all. Even indoors, when you wash the floor, furniture, fan, and lamps, some of the dust from all of these items will undoubtedly settle on the curtains. So, unbeknownst to you, your bright and colorful curtain will soon deteriorate. Soon they will become so dirty that you will either have to buy new curtains or hire a professional curtain cleaning company.

However, with a little care and foresight, you can avoid this situation. First, include a curtain on your list of items that need to be vacuumed weekly. This way, less dust will accumulate and the curtain will remain intact. One way to check if your curtain needs cleaning is to shake them and see if any dust is flying off them. You can also smell them and see if they have dust on them.

If you do this once a week, you can clean them with a fuzzy brush from top to bottom. This will prevent dust from getting on the cleaned part. You can also clean them with water every few months. Before cleaning, however, be sure to read the washing instructions for the curtains. If the instructions specify dry cleaning, you should do just that. If not, check if the instructions specify a specific detergent in a certain amount.

When you have washed the curtains according to the instructions, put them to dry in a place that is half in the sun and half in the shade. This will preserve the colors of the curtain. Depending on the capacity of your dryer, you can also place them in the dryer. After the curtains have dried, you can put them back in place and spray them with a freshener to make them look new again. Remember to check to see if the cleaner contains any toxins that can damage or discolor your curtains.

When you clean your curtain, you won’t have to buy new curtains every time. A good and frequent cleaning will help keep your curtain fresh for a long time, so they last longer and look like new.






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