Tips for easily readable fonts on signage

Do you know what the primary function of signage is? Yes, it is to provide maximum information about your brand and communicate all your messages to your customers. But what if your customers are unable to read whatever you are conveying to them? Isn’t the investment in your signage going all down the drain? Well, that brings about the need to choose an easily readable font on your signage.

Important tips to choose the fonts on your signage

Mostly, all the good signage companies in Melbourne like World Advertising do prefer handling everything from the graphic designs to arranging the fonts of your signage by themselves. It is because they have ample knowledge in creating such fantastic pieces for other famous brands and that is why they know what suits your purpose well (and makes the customers read all the information on the signage easily). But in case you want to try your luck, then you should keep all these important matters in mind when selecting the ideal font for your signage.

Separate fonts for title and subtitles— Most of the experts would suggest you keep a separate and larger font for the title or the name of your business and a different but comparatively smaller one for the subtitle. That is because your customers should at least be able to read the primary message you are conveying through the signage. (Which is what you will portray in the bigger fonts for the title.)

Don’t be too dramatic in choosing fonts — Sometimes a few fonts look really attractive on your signage. Yes, we understand that they are too dramatic and would immediately grasp anyone’s attention. But are they easily readable? Well, that is the main concern of putting up this board. If your customer can’t read what you are portraying in such a dramatic manner, what is the use of it? That is why don’t get too carried away by the beauty of the fonts. Remember their functionality as well.

Proper gaps between alphabets and words — It is either due to lack of space in the board (because you are choosing smaller signage) or maybe because you are putting up more than necessary information on it, there is often a lesser gap seen between two alphabets or words. This often confuses your customers, and they might not even read clearly what is written on it. Ultimately, your business suffers. That is why we would suggest you include only the most important information you want to provide through the signage and that too with a proper gap in between.

Keep the colour of signage in mind when selecting the fonts — Some fonts are really very frail in appearance – so, even if you portray them in too bright light, they won’t be easy to read. And imagine if you are going for a subtle light on your signboard, then they would seem invisible on the board. That is why whatever font you choose, relate it to the lights that you are going to highlight them in. Only then can you understand if it will look nice and worthy on your signage.

 Remember, the fonts you use on your signage are going to be your voice of the message you are conveying through this medium to your readers. Ensure that it is impressive and totally clear.

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