End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

To impress the pickiest landlord or real estate agent, it’s always a good idea to clean a leased house according to the approved checklist. If you don’t do this, getting your tenancy deposit back will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.  While some hire professional cleaners for this job, others wish to tackle this task on their own. It is not something we encourage because doing your own end-of-tenancy cleaning may not be as thorough as professional cleaning. Hiring cleaning services in London can, of course, make your rental property sparkle in less time. However, if you perform some research before beginning the cleaning process, you can obtain the required outcomes.

For people who want to handle their own end-of-tenancy cleaning, we thought we’d put up a list of handy tips to do the job well. Continue reading to get the most effective tips for end of tenancy cleaning.

8 Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

  1. Dig out the inventory report

The inventory report is a lengthy document that will cover each room in the house, going into minute detail about the condition of the space and its contents. They frequently include images as well, so you’ll know exactly what condition the house was in when your rental began, and thus what condition it must be left in when you move out.

  1. Visit the Kitchen

Take everything out of the cabinets and shelves. Remove any crumbs and residues, then dry fully both inside and out with a dry cloth. Clean underneath and behind the walls by removing all appliances.

Make sure that everything is clean, including the washing machine, soap tray and dishwasher. While the main switch is off, clean the refrigerator and keep the doors open to prevent mold. Remove all refrigerator trays, cabinets and racks, and make sure they’re in good shape; this method should be done for identical machines with similar characteristics.

  1. Living Room & Dining Room

In the living and dining rooms, nooks and crannies, carpets, and dusting will be your key tasks, especially if there is some of the landlord’s furniture in place, such as shelves or bookcases. Remove any filth and grime from furniture like a coffee table, cupboards, television stand, bookcases, and window sills first. Then conduct a complete vacuum to see if you need to clean the carpets. If you need, call a professional cleaning firm to do it for you; if not, rent an industrial carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. Before beginning this task, spot-check any detergents being used, just like you would with any other cleaning product.

It is critical to clean all portions of the property, not just those that are visible, as with all other rooms. Cleaning beneath the furniture, such as sofas, sideboards, and TV sets, as well as the borders of any wall decorations such as photos and mirrors, is a definite way to lose your deposit, so be sure to pull furniture out and clean underneath it.

  1. Bathroom

Wipe out everything in your bathroom, including (but not limited to) the sink, bath, toilet, tiles, and mirrors, to eliminate any stains. Next, make sure that plug holes and drains are clear and that water can flow freely. If not, a drain cleaner can aid in the removal of clogs. Then look for mold and limescale on metallic surfaces like taps, showerheads, and drain grates. There are numerous products available to assist you in dealing with them. It’s as easy as squirting the solution on the problem region, waiting for it to do its job, and then rinsing it away.

If any limescale remains, you can break down the particles generating the chalky residue with white vinegar and fresh lemon.

  1. Windows

If you can’t reach the windows from the outside, thoroughly clean them from the inside and employ a window cleaner to help with the outside. Cleaning glass and windows with vinegar and alcohol is still the best option.

Unless they appear on the check-in records, any damaged or cracked glass panes may need to be replaced. Clean windows give a good initial impression of the property and its general cleanliness, so getting them as clean as possible is a good way to start the inspection.

  1. Walls

Scuff marks on the walls and skirting boards should be checked. Attempt to wash them away. If it doesn’t work, use the same colour to paint over them. It may be preferable to paint the entire wall if there are multiple marks. If you don’t, your landlord will most likely have this repair done and either invoice you or deduct the cost from your deposit.

  1. Curtains

 Always read the labelling on your curtains before using them. Although they can be machine washed, they are more likely to require dry cleaning. Make sure the curtain poles and fabric roller blinds in the house are dust-free. If you have Venetian blinds, check sure both sides of the slats are clean. Your blinds must be repaired or replaced if they are damaged.

  1. The Furniture

Vacuum your furniture and wash it with a dry-cleaning solution if you have small children, pets, or smoke cigarettes. There must be no hair, unpleasant odours, or odours in the stuffing.

On the hardwood upholstery, scuff marks and scratches should be avoided. Coffee grinds and nuts can be used to remove scuff marks and scrapes. If the markings or scratches are minor, the harm will be hidden.

These are some of the most critical end-of-tenancy cleaning recommendations for making your rental property appear new. Of course, employing qualified specialists for meticulous end of tenancy cleaning in London may provide you with peace of mind and quality assurance.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, follow the advice above and clean your leased home like a pro. Trust you got a few extraordinary tips for end of occupancy cleaning. Kindly offer with your loved ones so they would likewise be truly appreciative for this and makes their occupation simpler.

Thank you for giving your precious time on reading this!! 

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