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Tips to enhance your child organizational skills

In this hectic lifestyle, getting organized is one of the most challenging tasks. Keeping things at priority, scheduling meetings, maintaining personal and professional life, it all seems like a mess.

The main reason for all of these things is that we maybe didn’t learn how to organize our lifestyle. And now it is haunting us all. The biggest flaw is that we can’t sort it out in minutes.

Getting organized must be a habit and is being learned at a very early stage. However, if you are a parent of beautiful little kiddos, then you might understand the importance of getting personalized and organized in life.

Enhance your child’s organizational skills. Make them work on different tasks and keep things organized. These little steps of organizing things can be beneficial for them in the long term.  They get the idea to keep the stuff well, neat and maintained.

Not only this, but good organizational skills also help in develop brain power and thinking skills.

So let’s see what you can do to enhance the organizational skills of your child.


Personalization is one of the favorite things for kids. They want to make their stuff different and unique from other kids. Some kids literally wish to mark each and everything with their names. If your kids have a habit of losing stuff and if they want to label their things, it might be a great idea to personalize their things. You can simply use a permanent or temporary marker to label the items, but to be more aesthetic beautiful, try using custom label stickers.

You can get the best-personalized stickers from Mabel’s Labels. And also, you can grab some discounts by redeeming Mabels Labels coupon code at the checkout. This personalization means none of the items will get lost anymore.

Break down the tasks

Most kids have a habit of completing their long-term projects a night before the submission date. Unfortunately, this might affect their grades and learning too. To improve this, help your kids break down the school projects into chunks. Or give them examples by engaging them in doing household chores in manageable small steps. Guide them about the importance of steps and make them understand that every project or task has a beginning, middle and end.

Daily routines

Make a perfect daily routine for the kids. Schedule their routine, the breakfast, lunch and dinner timing, homework hours, play hours and other things. Make them follow their daily schedule. Even if they don’t have any homework to do, make them sit to read the books, review the notes and do other learning stuff.

Don’t let them go out of the tracks. The daily routine is helpful for the kids to understand what they have to do regularly at what time.

A to-do and checklist

The to-do list and checklist are great ways to help your child be organized. Make a to-do list such as things to do before bed and a checklist such as items to put in the school bag. These types of lists help them to get the tasks done more efficiently.

Get them involved in helping you make breakfast, hand them the list of steps and guide them according to it. You can also take them to grocery shopping with you and ask them to bring the ingredients mentioned on a list.

Tell them to tick the item they got on the checklist or cut the to-do thing they have done.

Color coding method

The color coding method helps the kid to get an idea of what they have in a pipeline. This will help in the educational sector more. You can appreciate your child to use binder or folders to maintain their notes, worksheets and other stuff.

Use Red binders or folders to gather the worksheets that are undone. Green for the done worksheets and notes. And any other color of kid’s choice to maintain the other stuff and paperwork.

This will help them to remind that what they have done and what they have to do. For your household management, you can give different colors boxes to children. Such as yellow boxes to fill in stuffed toys, orange boxes for plastic toys etc.

Time management

Time management is the most essential thing, and parents deliberately make sure that their kids know the value of time. Organize play dates, Zoo visits or camping etc., on weekends. As we mentioned above, the daily routine and schedule can play a vital role in time management. But here, you have to make sure your child can’t escape any of the scheduled plans. Because this might create a disturbance.


Use calendars more than just observing days. Mark the special days and upcoming events, your schedules, doctors’ meetings and other things. Encourage your child to mark what they have in the forthcoming days. This trick will give you and your kid the idea of how many days are left to get the task done.

On the exact marked day, ask your child if he gets the task done or not. And if not, then mark the day when the task is done. This strategy will help the kid identify how much gap he has between the due date and the date the task is being done. And then try to work on it.

Be a good role model

This is the last tip and the most important one. The kids do what they see. So you need to understand that your kid needs the organizational skills to have a sorted lifestyle. These tips above will only work if you set a good example. Show your kids how you make your to-do list and get the things done step by step.


So these are some of the tips that can help to enhance your kid’s organizational skills. These little efforts of yours and your kids will help them in their long-term journey. Once they learn how to organize and maintain these little things, they will be able to manage the big problem too.

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