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Tips to Manage The Rising DME Billing Demand

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is known for helping patients improve accessibility to perform tasks in daily living. Today the market size valued last year for DME in fact marked at USD 195.4 billion which is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period furthermore. This is because the growing incidence of cancer, cardiac disorders, neurological conditions, and gynecological complications are seen in people more today and is expected to grow further in the coming year; thus driving the product demand more.

Again, the aftermath of the pandemic disrupting operations and leaving the financial liquidity of market players have made things even more complicated. Increasing the supply chain for items such as oxygen equipment, CPAPs and RADs, and nebulizers, today the DME market has reached a different high. Better coverage and reimbursement policies for DME products are also likely to help boost the DME market growth along with the increasing geriatric population base across the globe is also projected to drive the DME market further. In short increased demand means an increased burden on the billing process.

So now the real concern for most providers due to the continuous rising DME growth is how to manage their billing operation efficiently and effectively.

Sunknowledge a powerful DME billing solution:

With a complete understanding of the recent healthcare industry mandates, its changing DME billing regulations and new codes etc, Sunknowledge for the last 15 + years has been delivering state of art solutions to many. Listed as the top leading RCM destination for years now, Sunknowledge understands and delivers customized support at only $ 7 per hour.

In fact, at present, Sunknowledge is partnered with the largest DME providers and has excellent references across the industry.

With great credentials and case studies on how we have reduced their pain points and operational expenses by almost 80 %, Sunknowledge experts are also known for shrinking your accounts receivable bucket, billing and coding error rate, and also for reducing your claims of denial claims as well.

Making your job a lot easier and helping you in focusing on the areas like patient treatment and care and expansion of your business, Sunknowledge offers complete pre and post DME billing services in the best possible manner without compromising on the billing standard while ensuring the highest productivity metrics.

So what are you worried about? Looking for operational support to manage the rising demand for billing or looking to improve your DME collection rate, Sunknowledge does it all. Speak to the experts and let us handle your backlogs better than anyone else in the industry.

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