Tips To Migrate Magento 2 Extension Custom Modules for Magento 1 to Magento 2

Imagine the bulk of crucial information and one mistake to lose the data! What havoc, right? Businesses have been dealing with such issues for years and search for tools that provide them with effective solutions. Why is Magento 2 Migration Services a flexible choice for eCommerce business data management?

If you do not follow the right procedure, you may experience multiple performance and support issues, which means extra expenses in website maintenance. The main challenge is to meet the time and budget during the migration process.

How to migrate custom modules from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

1. Build a Migration Plan 

There are three stages of planning a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is:

  • Data Related Details like categories, customers, content, products, orders
  • Project Roadmap that has each milestone with a timeline. The deadlines must be transparent and have a clear picture of the tasks.
  • Project specifications define the development of all processes. Be it each page, button, block tab, and more. 

This will help define the project’s scope and stick to the timeframe. 

2. Create a testing environment 

This is specifically to have a dedicated server for development and migration without facing any downtime. You might need Magento Development Service to provide support to make this section hassle-free. 

3. Migrate the theme 

It is possible to move the storefront design during Magento 1 to 2 Migration. This will require great time and effort. The best solution is to update the design of the Magento store to get more features and functionalities. Also, to avoid the hassle, you have the freedom to install new themes from Magento Marketplace. 

4. Install Magento Extensions 

A great list of extensions comes within the Magento 2 Migration plan. Review the existing extensions and remove unnecessary items that affect the store performance. It is important to have some compatible Magento Extensions like:

  • Payment system 
  • One-Page Checkout 
  • Faster Shipping 
  • Custom CRMs and ERPs 

5. Customize features

It is important to have custom functionalities on your Magento store and move them during the data migration. Developers will help edit some migrated files and ensure they run properly. There are chances that this process would be a better choice when compared to building some unique features from scratch. 

6. Sync and test Database 

Check if everything in your store is running smoothly. Troubleshoot and sync the database so that no data is left behind. After checking the environment, it is time to make your website live for the customers.  

7. Launch Magento 2 Store 

This is the main target after performing Magento 2 Migration. Ensure everything is documented, executed, and tested to run the new version smoothly. Launch the store to start selling and shipping products. 

The Final Tip!

The above steps will help in smoothly migrating your store to Magento 2. But it is always advisable to get a skilled Magento 2 Migration Services from the experts as this is a great responsibility and no risks can be afforded. Your decision will change the future of eCommerce stores.

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