Top 10 Manufacturers Of Tractor India

You haven’t come across any agricultural or farming field without the tractor because it is an important vehicle and a great companion for farmers to complete their work efficiently. India has etched its place in providing the best and innovative tractors with the concern of convenience to the farmers.

Undoubtedly, they are achieving success in providing great farming equipment, i.e., Tractors. In this article, we will explore the top 10 manufacturers of tractor India that have frequently been manufacturing tractors all these years.

  1. Mahindra & Mahindra:

Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the world’s number one tractor companies established in 1964, and till now, it has been continuously thriving and rank as the highest-selling tractor in the world. The main motto of this company is to serve every tractor with the best equipment, making it among the top 10 manufacturers of tractor India.

For every farmer’s tractors are one of the important vehicles, and they will serve the nation with the best if they acquire the ideal tractor from the right manufacturer and Mahindra and Mahindra top of the list as it produces the best tractor in India at an affordable price that every farmer can easily afford.

The most popular model of Mahindra seen among farmers is Yuvraj 215 NXT, Mahindra JIVO 2251DI, and YUVO 415 DI, which are the other famous Mahindra and Mahindra models.  Mahindra tractor price probably ranges between Rs. 2.50 lakh – Rs. 12.50 lakh.

  1. Sonalika international:

Sonalika International Tractors is an ideal piece of equipment for those who have been purchased. This brand has met all the requirements, making this company stand out from other brands as it offers every feature their buyer desires. Meeting the expectations of their buyers is the other name of this company as it solely stands in fulfilling it.

Sonalika company produces tractors models ranging from 20 to 90 HP. They are also experienced in manufacturing  Mini tractors like Sonalika DI 35,  GT 20 RX, and Sonalika 42 DI Sikander is one of the popular tractors of this company. Sonalika tractor  price range between Rs. 3.00 lakh-Rs. 12.60 lakh.

  1. John Deere:

John Deere manufacturing company comes under the top 10 tractor manufacturers of Tractor India as it is popular in providing the most important equipment, which is a crucial aspect of farming. Through this equipment, farmers can perform their agricultural activities efficiently and generate the highest income possible.  John Deere produces a 28 to 120 HP Tractor model; it also comes with a compact tractor.  And the most popular tractors of John Deere are John Deere 5105,  John Deere 5310, and John Deere 5050 D., The price of John Deere Tractor, ranges from Rs. 4.70 lakh- Rs. 28.00 lakh.

  1. TAFE:

TAFE farm equipment company is an ideal tractor manufacturing brand that you can completely rely upon without a second thought.   Your choice of purchasing the manufacturer from this company will be greatly profitable. You will be able to compete with others easily in the businesses.  It also ranks among the top 10 leading manufacturers of Tractors India and offers the best tractors in India. Eicher, Ferguson, and Massey are the major companies that come under the TAFE.  The price of the Eicher tractor ranges from Rs. 2.90 lakh-Rs. 6.90 lakh.

  1. New Holland:

New Holland companies tractor is ideal for any farmer because it provides the best  Basic support and customer care service that every farmer expects from their manufacturers.  It is a great choice for farmers,  as it makes a better way for them in the businesses than any other brand by standing up to the expectations of their customers.  New Holland produces tractors ranging from 35 to 90 HP.  And the price of the New Holland tractor ranges between Rs. 4.90 lakh-Rs. 25.30 lakh.

  1. Indo-Farm equipment:

Indo Farm equipment is well furnished with conscription furnaces ensuring better quality and continuous supply for the farmers. It has etched its name as an all-around perceived brand because of its amazing quality and trustworthiness support.

Indo Farm work on a Pan India basis works through 15 offices as a dealer network for Deals And Services. Among the farmers,  heavy-duty tractors are one of the very popular ones of Indo Farm.  It offers 26-90 HP  tractor models.  The price of Indo Farm tractor ranges between Rs.3.90 lakh-Rs. 16.99 lakh.

  1. Captain Tractor:

Captain Brand is the innovator of the mini tractor. This small tractor serves as a great hand for the small farmers in attaining fast advanced work in farming.  Captain brand produces 15-20HP tractors. Captain 250 DI, Captain 120 DI 4 WD are the most famous tractor models of Captain.  The price of Captain tractor ranges between Rs.2.85 lakh-Rs. 4.50 lakh.


  1. Kubota agricultural machinery:

Kubota Agricultural Machinery India is a promising manufacturing machine brand that offers top-class tractors at affordable prices and produces high-quality machines supporting economic and simple farming.   It produces tractors that range between 25 to 55 HP and offers world-class Mini Tractors.  Kubota MU 4501, Kubota MU 5501, and Kubota NeoStar B2751 are the famous models of Kubota.  The price of the Kubota tractor ranges from Rs.4.15 lakh to Rs. 10.12 lakh.

  1. Escorts Agri Machinery:

Escorts Agri machinery is an ultimate choice to reach out at the ideal rate possible; it comprises the promising features and is now for farming purposes to help them produce the most they can.  Under this brand comes four major tractor brands, including digitrac, powertrac, farmtrac, and escort, which top the list of 10 leading manufacturers of Tractors India.  powertrac producers tractor models ranging 25 to 60 HP.  and among all farmers powertrac Euro 50 is the most famous tractor.   The price of powertrac ranges between Rs.3.30 lakh-Rs. 11.90 lakh.

  1. Preet Tractors:

Preet is one of the best tractor manufacturing companies that have always been in the market because of its top-rated quality equipment.  The big businesses in Indian Market use this tractor because it comprises advanced features at reasonable prices.  Preet 8955 and 459 are some of the popular models of Preet.  The pricing model of Preet ranges between GNE Rs.3.80-Rs.22.10 lakh.


So here about given are the top 10 manufacturers of Tractor India that has ranked the most popular choices among the farmers as it is manufacture tractors with advanced features that significantly help  farmers in agricultural activities to generate massive income

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