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Top 10 Restaurant Having the Best Continental Menu

We already had a good discussion on the Best Continental Restaurants and Desi Family Restaurants in Lahore. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the restaurants which have the best menu. Obviously, every other restaurant in Lahore adds Italian, Chinese, and continental dishes to their menu. It is easy to add cuisines from other cultures to your menu but to maintain the taste, quality of the food, and the way food is presented that counts. So, today we will be categorizing the top ten best continental foods in Lahore.

Lahore is a city known for its delicious street food and continental food. But there are still restaurants that are ranked at the top because of different elements – that distinguish them from others.

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Monal Restaurant

So, beginning with Monal Restaurant. It is one of the famous restaurants in Lahore known for its continental food. Monal is the most visited restaurant. It has two branches. One is in Islamabad and the other is in Lahore. They have a good variety of continental food at reasonable prices. They also serve continental food in their Hi-Tea. This is a rare thing that you may find at any restaurant. Continental food enjoyed with their rooftop view is the best.

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is another famous restaurant because of two reasons. Mainly, it’s famous because of the Badshahi Mosque view that people get from their outdoor sitting. Secondly, they serve the best continental dishes with delicious taste and a relaxing ambiance makes the visit worth it.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is also a good restaurant, always working on the quality of the food. They also offer Hi-tea which comprises 30-35 dishes, all of which are mouth-watering and delicious. Also, They have a good hygienic ambiance. They have a good quality of food, but the accommodation area is congested. The overcrowding would only be the reason for the negative point for Spice Bazaar. As an emerging new food chain, they are trying to serve the best continental foods in Lahore.

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is one of the adorable places for food. People often enjoy their meals here with their families and loved ones. The ambiance is exceptional, and their glass floor fascinates the diners. Their service is highly professional, and the staff is cooperative. Their presentation of food and quality of taste is up to the mark. However, Café Aylanto is a bit expensive as compared to other restaurants.

Bistro 201

Bistro 201 is known for its ambiance and musical nights. They offer a quality range of food with taste. Bistro has a good menu of continental, Chinese, and Italian food. But not everyone’s taste buds are satisfied with their taste. The rooftop view is enjoyed, it’s a place where good photos are clicked.

Al-Khan restaurant

When talking about the continental dishes menu, Al-Khan Restaurant takes the lead. The quality and taste of the food leave the people mouth-watering whenever they imagine their food. They serve the best continental Foods in Lahore other than Chinese and Italian cuisines. Al-Khan tries its level best to maintain the quality of its food and its reputation. One thing to be appreciated is, that they use organic herbs to bring the real taste of the food. Once visited, people visit it again. The best thing is that Al-Khan caters to all needs by providing catering services. So, their delicious and scrumptious food could be enjoyed on occasions, business delegations or any family celebration, etc.

Café Zouk

Out of many Cafes in Lahore, Café Zouk is an often visited place because of the food quality, variety, and affordable prices. Zouk is a continental restaurant, serving a selection of classic dishes from the Mediterranean and Italian regions. Students can easily plan their outings at Zouk. Their presentation of the food is also good, the quantity they serve is enough for two people.

The Skye Rooftop Restaurant

After Monal, The Skye restaurant takes you in the clouds metaphorically. Skye is on the top floor from where almost, half of Lahore is viewed. It takes you into the Skye and you enjoy your meal. Their continental food is worth the taste, but the quantity is minimum.

Fuchsia Kitchen

Fuchsia is a modern Asian restaurant serving from the pan of Asian cuisines inspired by Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean flavors. Apart from these cuisines, their continental food is the most liked and the ambiance for what people visit Fuchsia.

Banera Rooftop Restaurant

Banera rooftop gives its customers the beat experience. The Ambiance is so welcoming, relaxing, and healthy. Their continental food was top notch and all the services provided were amazing. From parking to staff and manager level, everyone was professional. Banera has best location right on the main road and rooftop sitting with delicious food is something to mesmerize. It is a pure family place with exclusive look.

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