Top 4 most recommended paint colours for your home gym

Are you done lazing around during the lockdown? Well, don’t you think that the extra calories and fats need to be shredded now? We understand going to your regular gym might still not be safe anymore. So what? You can always start exercising at home! Well, your fitness room can be any corner of your home with all the necessary equipment and items. And if you’re lucky enough to have a separate room altogether that you can dedicate to your gym, that’s wonderful.

Decorate your home gym with these most suitable shades

Obviously, now that you have a nice personal home gym, you’ll want to make it look like a room for this purpose. So, before you order your fitness equipment and add in here, read about the best paints that can suit your home gym perfectly. You just have to select one of these, call an expert in house painting from Flamingo Exterior Plastering and get going with the decoration of the room. They will send across their best men for this service who aren’t just experts in painting but have great experience as well. For the list of those paints, read on.

Vibrant red — Red is totally an energetic shade. It has a power and passion in it that inspires you as well. If you add red to your home gym, it will definitely instigate and motivate you more. Apart from it, the happy vibes exuded by this shade is something really outstanding and a joyful experience. Pro tip – contrast it with a little bit of milky white for that perfectly wonderful and cheerful atmosphere.

Soothing green — Green is pretty much soothing and peaceful. So, it is definitely not a much-recommended shade for your gym, but it is definitely a suitable shade for your yoga room. So, if your fitness mantra is Yoga, you’ll certainly love the peaceful and calm ambience created by this soothing green shade in the room. Pro tip – try the different shades and tints of green to create an abstract pattern making the yoga room appear magical and beautiful.

Funny yellow — We always think of either the bright sun or the funny emojis when we think of yellow. So, even your home gym will feel a happy space if you use this colour for the walls. This shade keeps you positive and motivated and absolutely cheerful while you work out.  Pro tip — Add some chunks of orange with yellow either through paint (say, stripes or a focal wall?) or by adding the accessories of this colour- it will definitely add more pizazz.

Stark white — Need no colour around — just the passion and intensity you feel inside is enough? Well, then let your home gym stay stark white. Though it is a very peaceful colour that soothes your eyes, don’t forget white means immense positivity and it keeps you totally optimistic throughout your workout. Pro tip — Complement with colourful furnishings or stickers and add beauty to this room. Add navy or charcoal trims to doors and windows for a neat finish.

Aren’t these colours superb? They’ll definitely make your home gym or fitness room appear all the most enticing and motivating. Now pick your favourite from these and start rolling the paint-brush!

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