Top 5 Blockchain Development Companies in UK

Top 5 Blockchain Development Companies in UK

Blockchain technology has transformed the conventional internet infrastructure with the concept of decentralization. Businesses across the world are investing in Blockchain development solutions.

As the market grows further, the hype for Blockchain-led futuristic digital solutions augments further. 

Not only is Blockchain technology reshaping the future of primary industry domains, i.e., healthcare, and fintech, but also enabling business leaders to focus more on the essence of peer-to-peer security of digital resources.

However, Blockchain technology is still evolving, and business leaders require competent technologists and professionals to help them turn their idea into reality.

We underwent research on some top Blockchain development solutions providers that have achieved significant growth in terms of revenues, customer satisfaction, and market credibility.

1. Unicsoft

Edinburgh-based Unicsoft is an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider founded in 2005. The company uses different Blockchain frameworks such as AlphaWallet, Maker, etc. They have delivered intuitve Blockchain through the years that have led to 32% quicker time to market, 40% faster scaling and 25% reduction in burn rate.

The company has developed a crypto analytics tool for MakerDAO that allowed technology leaders to take data-driven decisions.

From developing NFT marketplaces to crowdfunding platform, Unicsoft has delivered successful Blockchain projects across industries, i.e., banking and finance, shipping and supply chains, eCommerce, gaming, healthcare, etc.

2. SparxIT

Founded in 2007, SparxIT is a London-based Blockchain development company. The company is focused on creating NFT marketplaces, DeFi solutions, DApps, Smart Contracts solutions, and other types of Blockchain solutions using a diverse range of Blockchain frameworks.

The company has handled more than 15,000 projects so far. They recently developed a DeFi solution that provided lightweight arbitrage trading for lending cryptocurrencies. They also developed a flash loan boat to enable automated transactions in the DeFi lending process.


London-based ELEKS is a software engineering outsourcing company investing its resources into Blockchain technology. Some of their primary offerings in Blockchain include the development of Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps (dApps), private Blockchains, and NFT solutions.

The company is still reshaping its foundation toward becoming a Blockchain solutions company with its dynamic technology awareness.


Founded in 2018, Adhara is a leading Blockchain development company based in London, UK. They have been creating a variety of Blockchain solutions that include payments, liquidity management, foreign exchange, quorum, Ethereum, and corporate treasury solutions.

The company has received large funding from premium market investors including Yabeo and FOMCAP for commercial digital cash products. These solutions have helped them provide real-time, multi-currency, liquidity management, and payment solutions, creating a result-oriented Blockchain infrastructure.


Based in London, Everledger is a premier Blockchain solutions company that focuses on delivering digital transparency solutions.

The company is focused on creating enterprise solutions for producers and retailers looking to incorporate Blockchain in traditional business processes.


We hope that this list of top Blockchain development companies in UK has helped you have a clearer understanding. The objective was to share the output of our research based on several important parameters with you.

You can still do your own research before making the final call, ensuring that the service providers you consider are genuine, experienced in the niche, and competent enough to comprehend your project requirements.

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