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Top 5 Import-Export Data Provider In The World

The import-export database plays a crucial role in the international trade industry. The global trade data is extremely important to every trader worldwide to run a successful business. Moreover, the importance of trade data doesn’t end with companies; it is also useful for government agencies and departments for various record purposes.

There is a wide requirement of those companies which provide trade information to different organizations. A reliable and accurate source of information can play a great role in the success of an organization. Hence, many companies globally fulfill the needs of worldwide trading companies by providing valuable data information.

The 5 Ultimate Trade Data Providers

The right choice can change everything into good. Thus, the following are the most trusted companies that provide the best global trade data.

1. Trademo

Trademo is an online company that provides solutions to data seekers globally. The primary motive of trademo is to ease the international trade businesses. The company is run by a team of experts who have specializations in different fields such as trade, design, engineering, data science, etc. Moreover, the whole trademo team is governed by a single purpose of generating trade opportunities for desired companies.

Features & Benefits

  • The platform reduces trade inefficiencies, thereby replacing ancient methods and introducing innovative and specialized ones. In addition, the issues related to the search of new markets, trade compliance, and other related processes are eliminated with trademo services.
  • The company has launched a very special product named Trademo Intel. This data intelligence station reduces the supply chain risks, thereby assisting organizations in locating potential consumers and suppliers.
  • It assimilates reliable information about millions of global exporters and importers. Furthermore, with trademo, you can acquire trade data of more than 60 million transactions globally.
  • Trademo’s import-export data is of utmost importance to consulting firms because it will help these firms to analyze trends and assess risks.
  • With trademo, the trading companies can gain each detail about their competitive figure such as trade volume, product insights, pricing, etc.

Therefore, information such as shipment details, the origin area, the final destination, etc., are available on the trademo website. These details help law firms, media, investors, government, and above all the traders.

In addition, the cross-border data of more than 5 million companies are available on the website, which answers each doubt of respective companies.

2. Seair Exim Solutions

Seair Exim Solutions is yet another import-export data provider globally, putting efforts to serve the best needs of global businesses. The company has an Indian origin which leaves no stone unturned by giving the most relevant trade data to organizations worldwide. This company was established in 2009 and ever since, it has been setting quality benchmarks in providing reliable data for global buyers, suppliers & logistics companies.

Features & Benefits

  • Trusted trade information with regular data updates.
  • Operates with a primary motive to mitigate the gap that exists between companies and trade insights.
  • Provides an accurate product description, quantity and with HTS code.
  • Perks of tracking opponents shipment, pricing, the volume of products, and related information

Therefore, Seair Exim Solutions is a one-stop solution for cent percent accurate global trade details of companies belonging to more than 80 nations.

3.Export Genius

Export Genius is a market research company of international trade and is known for providing qualitative shipment, export, and import trade. The import-export database available on the online portal of export genius is top and verified. This company provides import data and export data of 50+ countries including India, Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, and so on.

Features & Benefits

  • A chance to unlock exclusive trade opportunities with the recent and most updated trade data.
  • It helps businesses analyze the level of competition by assisting them in tracking their competitors’ trading actions.
  • Its HS Code finder is the best option for finding the correct HS Code of a product.
  • With export genius, organizations worldwide can analyze and identify the most promising sales prospects, thereby a door to generate exclusive leads.

Therefore, the export genius platform provides the customers with exclusive market research products such as custom data, analysis reports, statistical data, and mirror data.


Eximpulse pulse is a leading online import-export data provider organization and provides trade details of more than 60 countries. The company has around ten years of expertise, thereby serving its best global business intelligence needs. It has the best free search engine for import and export shipment data related to India, the US, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • It gives reliable and accurate information about the quantity and pricing of the goods traded between different nations.
  • This company has more than 500 corporate clients due to its excellent services that give data about more than 400 million shipments.
  • It uses a systematic approach to handle millions of data points, thereby making it accessible for users.

Hence, Eximpulse is one of the largest database providers of overseas and global importers and exporters.

5.Descartes Datamyne

With the unique name, the services of Descartes Datamyne are also exceptional. The company is a common destination for giving the cross-border trade data of more than 230 markets globally.

Features & Benefits

  • Its import-export data includes 76% each of export and import data by value.
  • The company also provides assistance to trade ministries, custom departments, and other official sources, ensuring the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the data provided.
  • It has a competitive and innovative intelligence tool named Descartes Datamyne global trade analytics which has comprehensive datasets of more than 140 countries globally.

Descartes Datamyne fulfills all the requirements of its customers by providing reliable trade insights with accurate statistics.

The Accuracy Of Import-Export Data Providers

These international trade data providers put a lot of effort and research to collect the most reliable information for their customers. As a result, top trading organizations and government departments use the data of these companies because of their excellence and accuracy.

Furthermore, there are a lot of risks involved in an international transaction. Data-providing companies like above reduce all the market risks by providing the business organizations with the latest market trends and enhance the scope of transformational growth.


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