Top 7 Advantages of Building a Single Storey Home


Torn between the decision to go for a single storey home or multiple floors? We understand the dilemma when you’re building a new home. In reality, both these types of homes have pros and cons. But practically, we think the single-storey houses are far better than the multiple floored ones. Want to know the reasons behind this logic? Then read this post carefully.

Reasons to opt for a single storey home

No matter what kind of home you are building, choosing good house builders in Hamilton NZ like Dynasty Homes is important. It is because of their incredible knowledge and years of experience that you get a perfectly built single storey or multi-floored house. As for the reasons to opt for the single storey home, read on.

  • Cost-efficient plan

When you are selecting a single storey home, you are actually saving a lot of money. From the labour to the items utilised in the construction and even the efforts that go in this construction, everything is less. That is why, if you are short on budget, then you should definitely go for a single storey home.

  • Very efficient and convenient

Single storey homes are also very efficient and convenient. Since there are no stairs in the house, you obviously save a lot of space as well. Even the house is spread out on a single layer that is why you don’t have to mess with the construction of multiple floors.

  • Future effective

Whenever you construct a house, you are obviously looking for a bright and great future. So, when you are constructing a single storied home, you can build multiple floors over it anytime you like. But if you once build multiple storied houses, you can’t change it to a single storey house easily.

  • Maintenance is a breeze

Even maintaining a single storey house is quite convenient and easier as compared to the other option. From the installation of the plumbing and electrical lines and keeping them properly serviced and maintained, everything is super duper easy.

  • Best for kids and senior citizens

You have to be very careful when building a house where the elderly and children reside. And single storey homes are just perfect for them. Staircases are high-risk accident-prone zones for these residents

  • Easier emergency evacuation

You never know when an emergency strikes. That is why a home that’s built with this extreme situation in mind is always helpful in such crises. So, whenever an emergency occurs like fire, earthquake, etc., it’s easier for the occupants to evacuate the single storey homes easily.

  • Better market value

As compared to the other houses, the single storey homes attract buyers rapidly. Because of the above-listed benefits, everyone considers buying a single storey home with more enthusiasm and that is why you get better value for this property (it also gets sold quickly!).

Practically, the benefits of opting for a single storey home go beyond just the looks. From its functionality to the convenience and resale rates, everything is better. That’s why considering it seems an excellent option for you – don’t you think?! 


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