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Top 7 keys to successful virtual events

Every year thousands of virtual events are organized around the world. And millions of people are connected to these events in some way or another. Some of them are the event organizers, while some are speakers and others are the audience. But they all are part of these events. And are impacted in some way or other.

Last year due to the pandemic, the world went into lockdown. People were allowed to go out for only necessary reasons. And that too with strict norms like social distancing. So hosting a live event was totally off the table. And again, people had to resort to technology to find the solution to the problem. So they went with virtual events. And we witnessed various types of virtual events. People hosted virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual award shows, virtual fairs, etc. But what are virtual events?

Virtual events are those events that take place in the digital medium. In other words, they are digital alternatives to live events. And they aim to deliver an experience similar to live events in online settings. For this, they use a virtual event platform or software. These platforms or software use 3-D and interactive interfaces. Now that you know about the concept of the virtual event. Let’s look at some of the reasons behind the growing popularity.

Benefits of virtual event

  • Cost efficiency

Hosting a virtual event is quite affordable. You can avoid a lot of expenses by switching to virtual events. Since you don’t have to spend on booking venues, food, traveling, and accommodation, you don’t need a large budget to host a virtual event.

  • Flexibility of time

You don’t have to travel to the venue to attend a virtual event. It means you can save your time which otherwise requires traveling. And those who have a busy schedule can also visit the event virtually. Apart from this, you can provide an option of on-demand video availability for greater flexibility.

  • Worldwide Audience

With the virtual event, you can take your event to the world. It means you can host a global event, which is not possible with live events. And even if you host a live event with an international audience, the number of attendees won’t be as high as in a virtual event.

  • Higher returns

You get better results with virtual events. Since the cost of organizing a virtual event is low, have more audience including, global in the event, you get higher returns. And this is not possible with live events.

  • More convenience to audience

The audience gets more options and freedom to choose. Firstly, they don’t need to travel to the event. Also, they can enjoy the event in the comfort of their home. And don’t have to navigate in crowded events like in the case of live events.

These are some of the reasons behind the growing trend of virtual events. Now let’s look at some tips to make your virtual event successful.

7 Tips to make your virtual event successful

The interface of the platform

The first thing that the attendees at your event will interact with is the virtual event platform. And this platform will be a crucial part of their experience. So make sure that you are getting the right virtual event platform for your event. If the platform is lagging or the interface is too complicated. Then it will hamper the experience of the audience. They will get confused and will face problems. And eventually, they might leave your event. To prevent this from happening, opt for a fast platform. And which is also easy to understand and provides an immersive experience.

Networking features

In an event, people look for the opportunity to expand their networking. And in many cases, networking can be the most significant reason for people to attend the event. Besides this, people believe that virtual events are a good place for networking. So you should provide features for networking.

It depends upon the platform that you are selecting for your event. So make sure your virtual event platform has multiple features for networking. Some of the features we would like to recommend to you. These are AI matchmaking, 2-way interaction, B2B meeting scheduler, and so on.


You cannot attract people with only the bare minimum features. You need to do something extra. Something that excites people or keeps them engaged. And what can be a better solution than gamification? You can add games to your event. So that people, while waiting for your event to begin, can play games. Or can use games for relaxing while switching online sessions. You can provide support for online games or can make your games.

Security features

Apart from entertainment, the security of your event is also necessary. These days people are concerned about the privacy and security of their data. So make sure that the platform you are getting for your event is secure from cyber-attacks. This platform should have basic security measures like a 2-step login process and data encryption.

Event promotion

Now that you have made all the necessary arrangements for your event, it’s time to promote your event. Marketing your event is as essential as selecting the right platform. So start promoting your event way before the event day. You should use social media for promoting your event. So prepare the strategy for social media marketing. And start spreading words for the event. The high response on social media platforms means more attendees at your event.

Promoting speakers

Apart from promoting your event, promote the speakers at your event. It will help your event to get noticed by more people on social media. And you will get access to the followers of the speakers at your event. So you use your event speakers to reach a broader audience on social media.

Backup and rehearsal

It is one of the simplest ways to make your event successful. So try to rehearse your event. You will be able to test the platform you have selected. And the schedule of your event. It will help you in multiple ways. First, you can identify the potential issues and work on them. Second, you can see what changes are required to make your event more effective.

We hope this article will prove helpful. So tell us about your thoughts on virtual events.

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