Top 8 affordable Modern Antique Persian Rugs


Every homeowner dreams to have naturally durable Antique Persian Rugs to add immediate sophistication to a home. Hand-made rugs are a good way to enhance the grace of residence. Our traditional carpet range is the perfect option for everyone trying to find out the traditional piece of textile to add depth and character to the room. Though the cost of an authentic Persian rug is high than other types, the sheer quality and workmanship of these investment pieces make them well worth it. If you need to add a little style to your home, consider one of these wonderful Persian rugs.

Persian carpets Stunning Range of Vintage Rugs

Farwa | Sophisticated Antique Persian Rug


Of course, this artistic and skillfully hand-woven oriental rug is customized to make the home stylish. Dusky, earthy tone and nomadic designs are giving it a valuable look. Of course, it is a great example of the skill and creativity of Caucasian weavers. Our artisans made it from natural wool cultivated from mountain grazing sheep. The balance of color is attained by tuneful contrast. This antique rug is entirely distinctive, hand-knotted, and features an intricate, handsome design and a carefully constructed border that sets it entirely in a class of its own. It’s an antique that’s lasted for decades and will undoubtedly be a staple in your family’s decor for years to come.

Aabi Artistic and Skillfully Handmade Oriental Rug


This is a stunning vibrant blue and red Tabriz Persian rug from the 1930s.  This antique carpet is a true statement piece and in great condition. Filled with intricate floral patterns and a dynamic central medallion design. No doubt, this wonderful hand-knotted wool rug is a good example of craftsmanship and skill with its extraordinary precision and regularity of the weave. Undoubtedly, this carpet is the ideal combination of old-style and modern sensibility. It is made of pure wool and has only a slight break, which we think gives it a lot of character.

Aryan / Truly a Statement Piece


This is an absolutely stunning Heriz antique rug from the 1920s. Aryan is truly a statement piece! Saturated with a rich red central medallion surrounded by a vibrant navy blue border.  This Vintage Carpet is filled with traditional Persian stylized motifs and geometric patterns. Extremely durable, in excellent condition with a low pile, and very hard-wearing. Certainly, this Heriz rug is a beautiful piece of history for generations to come.  If you want to get the best rug collection with budget-friendly coast, House of Raja is the unique platform providing hand-made skilfully designs antique Persian rugs that are the perfect option for your home décor.

Arsia /Best for Creating a Sense of Elegance in Home


Baha is a great example of Mahal Vintage Rug Design from the 1930s. In excellent condition, this semi-old Iranian carpet is filled with a detailed floral design in the central field, with a bold orange border. This vintage Mahal highlights the skill of the weavers with its sophisticated, highly decorative aesthetic. This rug, with leaves and flowers, is giving a natural look which is ideal for creating a sense of elegance and nature in your home. Its organic dyes have a wonderful age.

Azeem / Surely an Exquisit Piece for Home Decor


Turkmen Tribal Rug dated 1880, Azeem is definitely an exquisite piece. Handmade from natural wool with a thin pile, the rug depicts a traditional Tekke design in deep rich ochre and contrasting navy. A House of Raja favorite from our fine rug collection, this Antique Iranian Carpet is in excellent condition for its age. If you want a rug that will make a splash without looking too busy, this Vintage 1960’s treasure is for you.

Baha Semi-old Iranian Rug


Of course, Bhai is a great example of Mahal Vintage Rug Design from the 1930s. In excellent condition, this Semi-Old Iranian Carpet is filled with detailed floral design in the central field, with a bold orange border. This vintage Mahal highlights the skill of the weavers with its sophisticated, highly decorative aesthetic.

The element that sets it apart is the large red medallion in the middle. The medallion gives the rug a focal point and acts as a stunning accent to the rest of the small, intricate design. It’s a deeply-hued work of art that will be sure to transform your home.

Bakshayesh Antique Handmade Persian Rugs


This lovely antique handmade Persian Bakhshayesh Runner dated the 1900s has a unique palette of oranges and pale blue tones. This antique Persian rug offers you all the deluxe and elegance you would find with a more expensive carpet, but at a price that is easier to buy. This sophisticated rug will tie any room together with a luxurious red tone and an intricate pattern. These stunning rugs are the best example of craftsmanship and skill.  Along with this our artisans usually make this rug with high-quality wool, silk, or other natural fibers. No doubt, these amazing carpets can be the best option for home adornment.

Behrouz Hand-knotted Persian Carpet


A very unique antique Tabriz Persian rug dated 1910, Behrouz is filled with an overall Shah Abbasi pattern comprised of symmetrical stylized palmettos which feature floral sprays. This Handmade Iranian Carpet has a low worn pile and rich rust, pale green, and navy palette. House of Raja offers an even more budget-friendly option for those who want to incorporate Persian carpet flavors into their decor. Their affordable stylish rugs are uniquely patterned pieces, handmade, and made of wool. This carpet is truly a statement, both in terms of workmanship and beauty.


Certainly, antique Persian rugs are famous for their nomadic designs. People like to choose them for their rich color combination. Our artisans make them with natural wool, silk, and vegetable dyes. These are rugs are the unique source to make your home stylish and worth seeing. So, finding the best rug for home décor depends upon the understanding of how the rug was made.  Don’t forget to visit our online store for further detail



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