Top Orthopaedic Clinics in Dubai for Spine Surgery

Spinal pains can be extremely debilitating, both mentally and physically. The cause for back pains or related symptoms such as numbness in the limb or muscle weakness could be an underlying spine condition. If you suffer from such issues, surgical intervention may become necessary. Visiting a spine surgeon for consultation as soon you notice any such symptoms can help ensure that you get the right medical assistance on time and alleviate your spinal pain at the earliest.

Given below is a curated list of the best and leading orthopedic clinics in Dubai well known for their expert spine surgery-related medical and health care services.


7 Top Orthopaedic Clinics for Spine Surgery in Dubai

1. Nanoori Spine & Joint Clinic
Nanoori is an internationally well-known healthcare brand providing world-class medical and healthcare services in the UAE and various other parts of the world. A prominent and well-reputed hospital in UAE, Saudi German Hospital (SGH) – Nanoori Spine and Joint Center provides integrated services that include a joint center, spine center, and a non-surgical treatment center, and also an internal medicine department providing world-class treatment facilities to its patients. Established in the year 2003, the Nanoori continues to serve its mission of providing the best quality medical services specialized in spines and joints. Nanoori is one of the best orthopedic clinics in the UAE and the Middle East. Nanoori has a capacity of 300 beds and offers a wide array of medical services that are inclusive of all kinds of specialties, critical care, and sub-specialties.

2. Neuro Spinal Hospital
Neuro Spinal Hospital is a leading and prominent hospital in Dubai committed to providing patients with specialized, high quality, safe and considerate healthcare and medical services. Neuro Spinal Hospital’s international team of doctors, therapists, and nurses provides the best services to the patients and their families in the areas of spinal surgery, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, etc, by utilizing state of the art technology available at the hospital. Neuro Spinal Hospital is also a prominent center of excellence for medical education in the UAE and the Middle East.

3. Medcare Orthopaedic Spine and Hospital
Medcare is a venture of Aster, DM Healthcare, a global healthcare group that has over 317 establishments across 9 countries including India, GCC, and Africa. Medcare Orthopedic Spine and Hospital is one of the best and premium healthcare centers in UAE providing world-class treatment for various spinal and orthopedic issues and other health problems. Medcare Orthopaedic Spine and Hospital is dedicated to providing personalized and high-quality medical care to every one of its patients. Specialties of Medcare include Dermatology, Diet&Nutrition, ENT, Paediatrics, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Spine Surgery, and more.

4. Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic
The Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic is a leading medical chiropractic facility specialized in providing holistic healthcare solutions and treatments for all types of neck pain, back pain, headaches, nerve pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. Spine & Joint Chiropractic Rehab Clinic is a well-established orthopedic clinic and medical institution providing specialized treatments in alleviating different kinds of muscle, neck, and back pains. The Spine & Joint Chiropractic Clinic was established by a prominent chiropractor in the UAE, Dr. Ayhem Sabry B.S., D.C.

5. King’s College Hospital
A widely acclaimed and well-established medical center in Dubai, UAE, the Kings College Hospital offers the best quality health care services and has its operational presence in various parts of Dubai. Thirds of its clinical staff, are comprised of specialists recruited from the UK. With considerable years of working in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the doctors at King’s College Hospital have received the best education and training in the UK. Kings College Hospital (KCH) is well known for its world-class treatment facilities and expert medical team.

6. Burjeel Hospital
Burjeel is part of the VPS Healthcare Group, a premium health care brand. Burjeel Hospital in Dubai is one of the most trusted and leading orthopedic and medical centers in UAE serving as a pioneering force in the medical industry. Burjeel Hospital cemented its position as the Center of Medical Excellence in the Middle East. The orthopedic and spine surgeons at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai offer a comprehensive range of advanced orthopedic and spinal surgeries.

7. Himchan Spine and Joint Center
Located adjacent to the University of Sharjah, the University Hospital of Sharjah (UHS) is a prominent, world-class, and prestigious hospital in UAE providing the best services, care, and commitment to its patients. The Himchan Spine and Joint Center consist of the best facilities, surgeons, doctors, and other medical staff. The University Hospital encompasses all the super specialty and specialty areas of surgery and medicine. The Himchan Spine and Joint Center, part of the University Hospital has the best and most diligent medical team in UAE.

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