Top Qualities of an Excellent Bath Bomb


Do you have a habit of spending hours in the bathtub soaking yourself with a nice bath bomb? Then you should be over considerate about the bath bombs you choose. Especially if you have sensitive skin, then you might face lots of problems if you are not careful. But do you know the exact criteria of a good bath bomb? If not, then read this post very carefully.

Important factors to check in a good bath bomb

Whenever you are buying bath bombs in Melbourne from Twisted Frizzers, the best suppliers of self-grooming products, do keep certain important things about these in mind. Only then you can be sure that using these bombs would be entirely safe and beneficial for you.

  • Matching your skin type

There are dozens of types of bath bombs available with the manufacturers, but not all are suitable for your skin. Some are great for oily skin while a few of them are really good for sensitive skin. So, select the bath bomb as per your skin type to enjoy its fullest benefits.

  • The ingredients

Bath bombs consist of various materials including essential oils, bath salts, essence, moisturisers, and flavours as well. But are you allergic to some of these essential oils? Do you think being exposed to tea tree oil or a certain kind of flavour will affect your body negatively, then please don’t pick that bath bomb? It’s important to take a look at the ingredients of the bombs before paying for them.

  • Fragrance

Next comes the fragrance that you’ll love to be surrounded with. And there are also some scents that you absolutely cringe from. So, when picking up bath bombs keep in mind the fragrance that impresses you and would be ideal but not overpowering for an hour-long bath.

  • The price

Some of the bath bombs come in exclusive shapes and lovely fragrances. But these are really hyped in price. If you consider the bombs therapeutic, then we can’t think of why you should pay highly for these. But if you consider budget as a deciding factor, then picking up good bath bombs at reasonable rates should be a factor to consider as well.

  • The type of bath bomb

Well, as we are talking about luxury bath, if looks impress you, get a bath bomb in rainbow colours. If pretty shapes are your pick, then get these in funky shapes of sun and flowers. You’ll also have an option of surprise bath bombs which are totally amazing to use and enhance your bathing experience largely.

  • The brand

Some of the companies manufacturing bath bombs are really reliable and provide only the safest products of excellent quality to you. However, you also have brands that do provide cheaper variants but with questionable quality as well. It’s always wise to pick only the original bath bombs coming straight from the right sources for great results.

If you get a bath bomb after checking all these pointers, you’ll definitely enjoy your bath with these thoroughly.


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