Top reasons to change your engine oil regularly

Most of the time you never even think about your engine oil until your car shows drastic problems. Well, we understand that it is quite a small component of your vehicle and doesn’t call for too much attention. But, in reality, the smooth working and proper performance of your engine and consequently the vehicle depend highly upon this engine oil. Well, that makes changing it frequently very much necessary.

Why should you change your engine oil regularly?

Expert researchers say that around 22% of regular working cars have dirty and unmaintained engine oil. Obviously, this always has a negative effect on your vehicle. And if you want to know what those effects can be, then read on.

  • Keeps engine parts lubricated

Do you know lubricating the engine and its components is very important if you want your car to run smoothly Well, if this doesn’t happen, then you’ll find that the engine often creates vibration and friction while moving Sometimes these parts tend to get jammed in between the drive and the result can be a drastic accident. This accident can also make your car turn into a total scrap and you might have to hand it over to Used Car Buyers against cash for scrap cars. Herein, you tend to get some money from them for your used or accident-prone cars. But this can be avoided if you are regularly changing your engine oil without fail.

  • Keeps engine components cool

Constantly driving the car makes its engine parts quite heated. Thankfully, we have the oil that keeps them under control. But in case you are not changing the oil regularly these parts don’t get the right amount of oil. And even if they do, these are full of dirt and particles. These particles automatically get settled in amidst the car’s parts and lead to problems in the performance of the car. Well, if these parts don’t run smoothly, obviously the entire engine and the car will get heated in a very short span of time. So, if you want to avoid all these issues, simply change your engine oil at regular intervals.

  • Enhances the life of the vehicle

Do you avoid changing your car’s engine oil because of the money it costs? Well, in such a case if you are cringing during this time, then you might have to invest a very large sum in replacing your car very soon. Yes, when you are not changing your engine oil regularly, it deeply impacts the engine and its parts which automatically reduces your car’s life and value. On the contrary, if you are changing it regularly, everything works smoothly, even the life of your vehicle increases.

Normally, these reasons should be enough to convince you to change your engine oil regularly. But if you want one solid and most important reason to go for this step without fail, remember, it increases your fuel efficiency. Yes, if you change the engine oil regularly, it will also lead to lesser fuel consumption by your vehicle, and in the end this is what you are most worried about. So, never cringe or delay about changing your engine oil.  

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