Top reasons to go for plumbing inspection before buying a house


Buying a new house is a very challenging job. You have to be very sure that everything in the place is as per your requirement and expectations. That is why there are so many steps in this procedure. Ensure that you are following all of them if you want your house to be the best one for you and your family for years to come. And one of the steps that you definitely can’t avoid when buying a house is going for a home inspection. And within that genre, plumbing inspection is a vital aspect that requires your urgent attention before you sign the contract for the purchase of the house.

Essential reasons to opt for a plumbing inspection before buying a house

There are lots of good plumbers in West Auckland from Fresh Home Services who highly recommend you opt for a plumbing inspection without fail when you intend to buy a house. Since they are pioneers in this field and have years of experience, they tend to know how drastic the situation can be if you are skipping this step.

The home’s main sewage line

Some of the houses have clogged sewage lines. Well, the problem here is, sometimes even the old occupants of the house aren’t aware of this problem, and you just can’t spot it until you get a plumbing inspection done. And you won’t believe the consequences (not to mention the expenses!) that you might have to face if you buy a house with a serious sewage clog. You may have to change the entire sewage system.

Pipe leaks

Often you will see that the old houses and even some new ones have lots of pipe leaks. It is not necessary that you always see a large amount of water gushing noisily in the area – it can be oozing slowly. But, at the end of the day, these are leakages. You won’t even know when these minor leakages will turn into major ones and there will be all sorts of problems in the house. There can be nasty smells around, the constant occurrence of mould and mildew, and even the deterioration of the house’s foundation and spoiling of the interiors as well. So, when you carry out a plumbing inspection in the house, you get to know about every minor and major pipe leak in the house.

Water heater problems

Insufficient heated water in the shower can also be a nasty issue. And if the heater shows serious problems, you will have to totally replace it — which can be very expensive. If you are carrying out a proper plumbing inspection, you will get to know if this heater is working accurately or not.

Toilet clogging problems

Believe us, you wouldn’t ever want to buy a house with serious toilet clogging problems. This can be a really nasty and very irritating issue. Especially if the house was shut down for a long time, most of the drainage system gets clogged automatically. And the toilet can be one of them. If you carry out a plumbing inspection, you get to know about this problem as well.

 Now that you know the urgency to go for a plumbing inspection before buying a house, we just hope you won’t delay or skip this step at any cost. 


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