Top Reasons Why Your Client Should Avail WordPress Development Service

Are you a sales professional or a business development geek?

How do you convince your clients to avail a particular product or a service?

Do you use some real-time life examples to prove your point or simply talk about the benefits of a particular service?

In reality, you do several things and prove many points to convince your targeted client to avail of a particular service or a product.

Especially, in the case of availing WordPress development service as well, you need to talk more about its benefits, reach, potential, and other plus points.

Because only then your client will get to understand the relevance of WordPress CMS and head towards building a result-oriented and feature-rich website.

So, over here in this blog, we will discuss top things to talk about while sharing your idea of developing a WordPress website with your prospects.

Here, will be sharing some imperative key points related to WordPress CMS to talk about that will surely convince your client to avail the same.

Biggest Brands in the World Using WordPress

Yes, top brands all across the world rely on WordPress CMS to run an interactive, feature-rich, and scalable website. The very first remark you can make to convince your client is listing the biggest brands using this content management system.

* BBC America

* Sony Music

* TechCrunch

* The Walt Disney Company

* Facebook Newsroom

* Toyota Motors Brasil

* The Havard Gazette

* Usain Bolt

* Reuters Blogs

* The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

* Katy Perry

* TED Blog

And, the list goes on.

The moment you take names of all such premium brands, professional’s websites, and leading companies, your client will get to think of WordPress as their best chosen CMS.

Why WordPress for You?

Next to talk about WordPress is its advantages, potential, scalability, and other features to maintain the authenticity of CMS. For this, you can refer to the below-mentioned points and present your clients to why WordPress is the right platform for their web development project.

1. WordPress is the Widely Used CMS

WordPress is definitely the undisputed leader of the content management system which is clearly reflected in its market share of 65% from 51%. It covers around 41% of the total websites on the internet.

It means, every third website you see out of the three available options is based on WordPress. It is because of the increased reliability, widespread market share, easy accessibility, and simple to use functionalities.

This is an impressive point to discuss taking more towards the extended approach of CMS, maximum preference, multi-lingual, and multi-currency support.

2. WordPress is Free

I think this is something that most enterprises feel interested in. And, that is to avail a CMS which is free to download, install, and run accordingly.

Such is the nature of an open-source content management system like WordPress that does not require you to pay anything for the installation and setup. By getting professional assistance from a WordPress development company, customize the platform with an extensive range of features, functionalities, plugins, and more.

3. WordPress Offers More Than 54,000 Free Plugins

One of the ways to convince your client regarding WordPress web development is to discuss the site’s updates with respect to the latest technologies. It is essential to customize the website from time to time and as per the changing trend in the business world.

Another way of looking at is to rely on more than the free 54,000 plugins of WordPress to do the necessary changes at the backend. Plugins can help the client’s website always be on top of functionality and accessibility.

4. Simple Marketing with WordPress

Marketing your business through the WordPress platform is the first and foremost thought. It is then followed by different uses of WordPress as per your business requirements.

* Start a blog

* Business website

* Ecommerce site

* Membership website

* Online marketplace website

* Dropshipping website

* Podcast website

* Coupons website

* Affiliate website

* Job board

* Business Directory

* Portfolio website

Simply to say, you can start your online presence with the WordPress platform in any way possible. Moreover, swiftly market your business by using the user-friendly dashboard, plugins, Seo-related features, and more.

5. Constant Updates & Optimum Security

Enterprises need to take the security of the website and data seriously. Nothing is 100% safe on the internet. And, your online presence on a particular platform requires constant security patches and updates.

Concerning the same, convince your clients regarding the periodic updates of WordPress while updating plugins, security patches, and more. The platform ensures safeguarding your business data and credentials to an optimum extent by automatically updating all the features.

6. Scalable Content Management System

Scalability is an imperative factor for businesses to think about. Enterprises should be using a platform that can be updated, grow, and include more features whenever there is a requirement.

WordPress CMS is known to offer the highest level of scalability and flexibility. It offers the multi-site and additional features capability to develop and grow as per your potential requirements. As an enterprise, you can add more pages, delete a few ones, bring more graphics, and add functionalities on WordPress without affecting the existing information, ranking, and online traffic.

How to Get Started with WordPress Website Development?

In case, you convince your client, which surely is happen based on the above-mentioned reasons. Do talk about the steps to get started with WordPress website development to clear further doubts as well.

Step-By-Step Process to Build a WordPress Site

1. Define your WordPress Site (decide your niche)

2. Choose an easy to remember domain name

3. Hire a professional WordPress developer

4. Install WordPress free of cost

5. Choose an interactive WordPress theme

6. Configure the list of plugins you have selected

7. Complete the admin pages

8. Start publishing your content

9. Start doing online marketing

10. Take the backup of your site’s data

Concluding Thoughts

Stay transparent to your clients while convincing them for an end-to-end WordPress web development. Use the result-oriented approach mentioned above to convince the prospects and let them avail the benefits of profitable CMS and its seamless functionalities.

Know more about WordPress development, insights, and avail services from a reliable WordPress website development company like OrangeMantra.

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