Top Things to do in Willemstad
Top Things to do in Willemstad

Top Things to do in Willemstad

Willemstad is the city where you can experience a sunny climate and enjoy many festivals. Here you can experience something exceptional with your family or friends. Suppose you love sunbathing on the beach side. In that case, nothing could be better than a Willemstad trip because this destination enables you to meet the island in a queue, including several adorable coastlines with a great landscape and joyful outdoor tasks.

You love this place and will always wish to explore something like this throughout your weekends. The reason behind it will be one of your favorites, Willemstad, an add-on on the weekends with the quaint and enchanting antique attractions and the distinctive Dutch colonial constructions across the cities. It’s hundred percent guaranteed.

For sure, the fascinating attractions of Willemstad won’t let you find a boring weekend throughout your trip. So you can Air Canada Booking and grab the chance to seek wonderful weekends in Willemstad.

What Are the Great Places that I Should Not Miss Through the Willemstad Tour?

Reading about all the adorable attractions in Willemstad brings excitement to all visitors. Then how great it would be if you planned a trip to Willemstad. You could have multiple fun discovering this attractive destination.

Spending weekends in local places is monotonous. Hence it’s a good suggestion to spend some days in Willemstad and experience something exceptional in the city’s air. Find the list below where you should go for amazing enjoyment through the Willemstad Tour.

Hato Caves

The tourists mostly consider this fascination with Willemstad to explore in Curaçao. It has many hidden mysteries, which you cannot reveal unless or until you visit Hato Caves. And witness the paintings, stalagmites, and stalactites that denote a story and sprinkle happiness to the tourists.

Jewish Heritage

The rich Jewish heritage and culture is the reason that pulls all the travelers around the world to visit Willemstad, Curacao. You can collect many historical details of the Jewish community country island through the half-day Willemstad’s cities tour.

Whether going to Willemstad cities, consider visiting some of the important Jewish places in the town like Beth Haim Jewish Cemetery & Mikveh Israel Emanuel synagogue. Scharloo, an old Jewish district, and the plantation houses of Chobolobo and Rooi Catootje are some of the antique pieces that you must see through the Jewish Heritage tour.

The Abandoned Pietermaai Mansion

Your trip is incomplete if you do not visit the Pietermaai neighborhood through the Willemstad tour. The wealthy merchants, bankers, and the captains of the ships of the Dutch West India Company are the development that has been discovered during the slave trade and piracy rise on the island.

Including amazing mansions in a boulevard queue, the area was even considered for its cinema halls and ordinary eatery. These local mansions were idle and mistreated during the abolition of the slave trade in 1863 and oil discovery in Northern Willemstad. But as of now, with the high demand for the tour in Curacao, Pietermaai Mansions have been reconstructed as restaurants, posh hotels, & diving centers. Some of them are broken down yet. And the murals have covered it now, which depicts the ancient time of the island country.

Queen Emma Bridge

Queen Emma Bridge was constructed in 1888, and its name was Dutch Royal. It is a bridge floating over the sea and enables the people to switch the two ends (Otrobanda and Punda) in Willemstad. With the help of 16 pontoon boats, the architecture has made it float. And with these pontoon boats, this bridge is even able to swing.

Here you can fall in love with the coffee and cuisine at the restaurant around the Queen Emma Bridge while enjoying boats sailing eyeshot through the bridge’s opening. You can use the water taxis to move to the other destination while the bridge opens.

To enjoy all the top Willemstad attractions, you can make Sun Country Airlines Booking via any easy method.

 Which are the Safest Places to Stay in Willemstad?

Given below are the secure and safe places in Willemstad that you could choose to stay.

  • Mambo Beach Blvd
  • Pietermaai District
  • BijBlauw
  • Punda & Otrobanda
  • Jan Thiel
  • Blue Bay Resort

Facts That make Willemstad Unique

There are several amazing facts that make Willemstad one of the top destinations across the countries

  1. Papiamento is the official language of Curacao. This language is a distinctive fusion of Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, which reminds the indigenous and colonial history of the island.
  2. The resident flamingo population in Curacao is similar to that of Bonaire island.
  3. Curacao, Willemstad’s capital city, is a World Heritage site considered by UNESCO. This attractive destination is enriched with a wide range of Dutch colonial architecture.
  4. A wide variety of corals is why Curacao’s name and fame. Into these corals are enabled to find tube sponges & elephant ear along with the “double bed” coral, its name based on its comparable size.

What are the Fun To Do in Willemstad

Below is the list of joyful activities that you can do in Willemstad.

  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Sunbath at the seashore
  • Aquafari tour
  • Enjoying the events
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Sailing along the curacao beach
  • Beach Hopping
  • Jet Ski Adventure

Which is the Best Time to Visit Willemstad?

If you plan a trip and spend as much as possible, you could find your weekends enjoyable and remarkable. So, it’s obvious that you never expect your weekends to be exploited due to any reason. Then, it would be best to go to Willemstad either in March or May because there is less crowd this month. Moreover, you could find ease on a stroll around all the fascinating cities in Willemstad and snap some eyeshot pics. And this is how you can enjoy all the great activities without any hassle.

June might be a little crowded with the overwhelming weather. But if you plan the Willemstad tour to enjoy the climate, then June and September are liable to enjoy the cool and warm weather. Similarly, September is not crowded with blissful weather.

Conclusion: Willemstad tour is all about your remarkable and enjoyable weekends.

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