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Trim Responsively: 10 Underrated Services Arborists Can Provide

As much as possible, you should keep your trees healthy because they serve a lot of purposes for everyone. They require proper care and maintenance for the safety of the public. However, in some cases, the trees should be relocated to maximise the use of space.

Arborists are needed to ensure that the trees and the people around them are safe throughout the process. Did you know that arborists can provide other services aside from tree pruning, tree removal, and maintenance? They can address your needs as long as it’s tree-related.


If you want to know about these services, then you should check the list below!

1. Pre-arboricultural impact reporting

Are you planning to have a construction site or you might want to improve something in your property that might affect some important trees? Then you should call for an arborist. They will help you decide if what you’re planning to do is possible or not.

Since trees are important, the arborist will have to observe your plan and give you a report if there are certain changes to be considered before starting the actual construction.

For example, a tree that’s been there for decades might be blocking your way so you’ll have to adjust to avoid long-term damage to this tree.

2. Tree protection plans

The tree protection plans are requested once the pre-arboricultural impact reporting has been made. You’ll need to call for tree protection plans when there’s a need to protect trees that might be in the way of the development or construction in the area.

In most cases, the plan is provided with every report so you can just wait for fo further steps before you proceed with the construction. The plan is about the assessment of further procedures that the arborist will do.

3. Tree root mapping

Have some root problems? In cases where roots are involved, you might need to avail a tree root mapping service. It’s a process of identifying the location of the structural roots because some trees will not survive if their roots will undergo pruning. Meanwhile, some roots should not be blocked under a building or structure because they need some room to grow.

In tree root mapping, the area is calculated to give a more accurate report of how can the space be maximised. The report also contains the marking of where the roots are specifically located.

trees root mapping

4. Project certification

When you received a full report allowing you to initiate your area development, you’ll be given a project certification. The certification comes from the Department of Agriculture which states that the trees around your construction site are well-protected from possible damages.

In addition, you can go straight to project certification from the pre-arboricultural impact reporting without the need for the other services. As long as the report contains checked marks based on DA requirements, you’re good to go.

Moreover, another important part of an arborist’s job is to supervise the construction site, and making sure that the trees are mo being damaged.

5. Tree audits

Have you ever heard of tree audits? In case you haven’t, it’s an inventory of the trees on your property. The population of trees is monitored with regards to their risks, value, and condition.

In addition, it’s important to conduct tree audits from time to time for insurance purposes. As the trees are monitored, your arborist knows when is the need for maintenance and pruning so you won’t have to call them except when there’s an emergency.

6. Tree hazard assessment

If a tree is too close to your property, house, or building, it can be a hazard. In this case. You’ll need to call an arborist for a tree hazard assessment. They will run a diagnosis to determine if the tree is safe near your property or not. The assessment will have to be approved first before they do something with the trees.

Additionally, after the diagnosis, the tree may undergo basic care such as pruning and relocation. However, it’s not recommended that trees are removed based on minor complaints like too many falling leaves or are not aesthetically pleasing.

trees hazard assessment

7. Tree canopy reduction

Unfortunately, not all species of trees can undergo tree canopy reduction. Moreover, it’s also illegal in some places because if done incorrectly, it’ll cause a lot of damage to the trees so experts are carefully doing it more appropriately.

Canopy reduction is a process of reducing the height of trees by removing branches of the trees. It’s also known as lateral pruning because the process is the opposite of regular pruning.

8. Tree canopy lifting

Are the lower branches of trees giving you a hard time? Then, you might need to call for tree canopy lifting. Professionals will remove or shorten the lower branches of the trees so that you can give you more space.

It’s important to lift the canopy in cases where branches are too low or the trees are stunted because they can be hazardous. In addition, too many branches can weaken the tree itself which may result in hurting people and damaging some properties.

9. Tree canopy thinning

In some cases, canopy thinning is needed especially when the wind or sunlight can no longer reach the canopy. The tree might end up getting sick if it doesn’t receive enough nutrition.

In this process, the height and weight of the canopy remain the same since it won’t be reduced, just thinned.

Additionally, the tree canopy is important not only to the tree itself but also for the health of others surrounding it.

thinning trees

10. Land clearing

Need to clear some trees before your start the construction? You’ll need to call for an arborist. Yes, they also deal with land development which involves larger trees.

Clearing the land before doing any developments will decrease accidents and ensure the safety of the workers on site. In addition, the trees that needed to be relocated will be professionally taken care of. You’ll also maximise the use of your land once every possible tree is removed.


Now that you know the other services arborists can provide, you can easily call them when you’re having trouble with trees. Don’t forget to share with us your tree-related stories by leaving a comment below!

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