Use Windows 11 Power Mode to speed up your laptop’s performance


If you are looking forward to boosting your Windows 11 laptop’s performance, you can do so with the help of the Windows 10 power-performance slider. It can easily be found in Windows 10, whereas, in Windows 11, Microsoft has kept it hidden in a different location.

Couldn’t find the power-performance slider for your Windows 10 laptop yet? Here’s where you can find it on your Windows 11 laptop. You need to take your pointer to a battery icon on the Windows taskbar and click on it. This will get a power slider opened to deal with lower battery life.

The power slider feature is commonly available in laptops and is missing on desktops. Available in the most simplified form in Surface Laptop 4 and the Surface Pro 7+ laptops, the feature lets you boost the performance of your device by just sliding the slider to its best performance. The boost rate is around six to seven percent.

In Windows 11, the slider has been relocated to somewhere within the Windows 11 Settings menu. Presently, clicking on the battery icon on your Windows taskbar will no more get the power slider opened.

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The Windows power slider has been renamed for Windows 11 as Windows 11 Power Mode. In order to open up the Power Mode menu, you will be required to go to the Start menu and navigate the Power Mode in the list, or else you can click on the WIN+X button to find the button.

You can follow the given steps to get to the Windows 11 Power Mode:

  • Open the Settings of your Windows 11 laptop and go to System.
  • Next, click on Power & Battery and scroll, and click on the Power Mode button.
  • Now, you will be able to see many options labeled as “Best performance.” You can select the one according to your requirement.

The choices that appear on your menu will depend on the PC built. The Power Mode option is not available for the desktop version of Windows 11, even if you have built the PC according to your desired configuration.

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