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Using Large Loan Broker for Getting International Mortgages

Borrowers are offered only one type of mortgage and a certain rate if they go to a bank branch to get a mortgage. For this reason, they will not have many options to choose from. But a large loan broker is a party to many banks and financial institutions. As a result, they have access to different mortgages at different rates. As a result, there will be more options for applicants. So borrowers will have a better chance of getting a mortgage at a lower rate and better terms. Even a 0.1 per cent reduction in the mortgage rate can save several thousand borrowers. However, comparing the rates that different brokers get can be useful for international mortgages applicants.

A large loan broker allows applicants to get a large mortgage with better terms and lower rates. Mortgage brokers can also make the borrowing process easier. Borrowers who consider buying a property or investing in property can benefit from this option. Statistics also show that the popularity of large loan brokers is increasing.

Why Do We Have to Go to a Mortgage Broker to Get International Mortgages?

  1. Competitive Rate – For large mortgages, using a mortgage broker is usually a better option than going straight to the banks. Mortgage brokers often get significant discounts from large banks. For this reason, the mortgage brokers help the borrowers to find lower rate mortgages (than what the large lenders offer directly to the clients).
  2. Lack of familiarity with the rates and conditions of large mortgages – International mortgage applicants, due to their special financial situation, it is better to go to a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers can find the best lender based on their clients’ financial situation. For example, if clients are self-employed or do not have a good credit score, a mortgage broker can find suitable options for them.
  3. Easier process – No need to go to different banks and financial institutions.
  4. Access to more lenders – You can compare multiple options if you go to a mortgage broker.
  5. Independence – Unlike a bank’s staff who try to persuade applicants to accept a mortgage from the same bank, mortgage brokers seek to offer the best market rates to their clients.

What Is a Large Loan Broker Required Documents to Get International Mortgages?

A mortgage broker needs documents to assess clients’ financial and credit status accurately. However, brokers may not need some of these, and they may ask for more from applicants. Some of these documents are:

  1. Employment certificate
  2. Tax statement (which shows the amount of borrowers’ income)
  3. Bank account
  4. Documents about the number of assets or investments
  5. Information on other debts and monthly instalments
  6. Deposit amount
  7. Information about the property

What Should We Do to Find a Large Loan Broker for Getting International Mortgages?

A large loan broker is licensed and can work with multiple lenders to find the best possible mortgage for their client. Large loan brokers can also assist borrowers in gathering the necessary documents and filling out a mortgage application.

  1. Identify needs, conditions and goals

The client has to evaluate the recommendations of large loan brokers. They will also consider the lenders’ offers to identify borrowers’ needs, conditions, and goals accurately.

  1. Search around and online

Property advisors, friends and neighbor’s who have recently used large loan brokers can be a good source of information to introduce a large loan broker. Online platforms can also be a good source for identifying large loan brokers. Many websites provide a list of the best large loan brokers.

  1. Check permissions

Mortgage brokers are regulated by legal entities and operate by standards. Mortgage brokers must also take certain courses, pass a written test and submit their records to the legislature.

  1. Compare costs

Referral to a mortgage broker will likely incur additional costs for borrowers. By doing this, they can save more money. While some large loan brokers initially receive their fee, many others receive their fee only after repaying the mortgage.

  1. Check other customers’ comments

It is easy to compare large loan brokers with customer reviews. In addition, some large loan brokers offer review services on their websites.

  1. Availability

How fast brokers can work on large mortgage applications and how well their processes fit the schedule of large mortgage applicants is crucial.

  1. Examining the ownership structure of large loan brokers

In many cases, large loan brokers are owned or partially owned by large banks. These business relationships can encourage brokers to sell mortgages directly to the bank. While good brokers are not affected by their structure and seek a wide range of mortgages from all over the market.


AWS Mortgages advisors carefully review the special requirements of large mortgage applicants and make appropriate proposals tailored to their needs. AWS Mortgages advisors know what criteria lenders consider to facilitate the process and ensure a successful purchase.

A highly skilled team with years of experience in large mortgages, comparing and searching among lenders’ offers, help borrowers choose the best option from the available ones.

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