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UV Light Disinfection Robots

With a staff already stressed and rising demand for hygiene, other solutions are required to ensure that the hospitality industry runs smoothly and without interruptions. Ensure that your establishment keeps your areas clean without risking your employee’s injury from chemical exposure. It is essential to consider alternatives to solutions for cleaning solutions. UVC disinfectant robots offer a clean-up solution, especially during times of pandemics.

The UV disinfection robots is an entirely automated system that can offer quick chemical-free and hospital-grade disinfection to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, transportation centers, shopping malls, and other public areas without human intervention. Blue Point UVC disinfection Robots may even connect to the outside by interfacing with elevators and automated doors, which could significantly increase the disinfection area. For the prevention and management of corona pneumonia, the outbreak and its associated UV light sterilizer robots have played a significant function, particularly ultraviolet disinfection robots that will quickly eliminate pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, spore fungi bacteria, viruses, etc. It is also cost-effective to utilize a UVC robot cleaner to clean an entire building by utilizing just 1 “person”, effectively avoiding cross-infection.

Autonomous UV Light Disinfection Robot

The bactericidal properties of UV light nearby are well-known. However, the physical laws have created difficulties in the disinfection effects. The automated disinfection robots can guarantee that there aren’t any spots or blind angles for disinfection and that sufficient ultraviolet rays are directed at every surface in the zone while avoiding the need for manual repositioning of UV equipment.

Blue Point UV light robot cleaner is equipped with an autonomous navigation system based on the laser-based SLAM method, which can complete the process of creating an environmental map and navigation of the position and perform mobile automated disinfection. 360-degree disinfection, complete coverage, and reduced personnel workload fully compensate for the weaknesses of conventional disinfection equipment.

Disinfection Effect of UV Light Sanitizer Robot

Studies have shown that ultraviolet C can eradicate several types of coronaviruses, including those that cause the SARS virus. Ultraviolet C radiation destroys the genetic material in the virus’s molecule and stops it from being able to multiply. The new coronavirus is a kind of RAN virus with an envelope, and the shape of the virus particles is spherical. In the “New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 5)” published through the National Health Commission, the plan clarified that the latest coronavirus is highly sensitive to heat and ultraviolet rays. The Blue Point UV laser disinfection machines are paired and powerful UV-C lamps that kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses.

UVC Light Safety Precautions

The UV-C disinfection robots utilize ultraviolet rays to disinfect. After successfully killing viruses and bacteria, there aren’t any chemical residues to prevent injury to people’s bodies. Additionally, Blue Point UV light robot sanitizer is equipped with an autonomous obstacle avoidance feature that can detect and eliminate obstacles during the disinfection process. Even in public areas where people move around, the robots can steer clear of crowds voluntarily and won’t affect the normal functioning of public spaces. Additionally, the robot’s sensor will determine if someone is in the disinfection zone. If someone is found in the disinfection area, the robot will send an alarm and stop the disinfection process.

Applications of UVC Disinfection Robots

With the speed of automation growing, UVC disinfectants can be utilized in many industries. A few examples are listed below are examples

  • UV Light Sanitizing Robots for Hospitals
  • Disinfection and Cleaning Robot for Restaurants
  • Disinfection and Cleaning Robot for Hotels
  • Disinfection Robot for Transportation Hub
  • Disinfection and Cleaning Robot for School
  • Disinfection and Cleaning Robot for Other Public Places
  • Disinfection Robot for Shopping Mall
  • Disinfection Robots In Healthcare

Market Size and Growth

The cleaning and disinfection robot market are increasing. RationalStat Research estimated in 2020 that the size of the global market of cleaning machines was US$ 6.9 Bn. They forecasted a growth rate of 23.0 percent per year between 2020 and 2028. Thus, the market size could reach US$ 36 Bn by 2028. This is five times the growth within eight years.


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