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V3Cube Nulled Gojek Clone – Avail The Benefits By Integrating Your Super App With New Features September 2021

Today’s businesses are moving at a lightning speed especially with the new app technologies introducing. Only a few years ago there were not so many companies, and brands to take notice of the mobile presence. But, today there is no business you will find not having its app.

So, if you are reading this, then chances are you too wish to build a Super App to gain the competitive advantage to sustain in business competition.

That being said, having a strong online presence goes beyond building an app like Gojek. To make sure that your app is an instant success, one has to stay conscious about what the competitors are offering and what your customers are expecting.

The road ahead might feel long but it will seamless and streamlined once you have launched your White-labeled V3Cube Nulled Gojek App.
Read on below to know the benefits that On-Demand Multiservices App will bring to your business.

Benefits Of Gojek Clone With New Features September 2021 Can Bring To Your Business

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App

You always want to make sure that you are ahead in your business game. This is the chance to do by buying Apple Watch App.

Your Taxi Booking business will always be in sync with every evolving market that offers quick taxi booking solutions to your Apple Users.

It is the perfect time to make your mark presence with this new amazing, technology-wise feature. Best for the Taxi booking business, it allows you to stay ahead in the competition. Take the demo test and book your Taxi Booking iWatch App today.

  • Restricting driver’s fraud

This feature prevents the driver from marking “arrived” unless he has reached the destination. Thus, it brings complete transparency to the users that they are not being cheated on the fair charges.  Thus, you will see a boost in consumer usage.

  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings

Earlier with limited options, it restricted their revenue earnings. However, with this feature, they can provide more options to the customers. This way on every order when the customer chooses to have toppings and something else on top of it is charged extra. So, it is like the more the merrier – it allows the restaurant owner to boost profits, eventually increasing yours as you will be earning commission on every order placed.

  • Re-assigning the delivery driver

You tend to lose business when the order is not completed or not delivered on time. The customer will not come back to your app and place an order. People love timely deliveries, so this feature allows you to reassign the delivery driver to accomplish the deliveries on time. It can be set manually or automatically how the admin wants.

  • One store multiple categories

Yes, often happens that the store owner loses out on the customers just because they haven’t been listed under multiple categories. Because of this negligence, the business is lost, even the app owner doesn’t get to earn more. This feature allows the store owners to register their stores under multiple categories. Let’s say, for instance, the store sells grocery, pharmacy, flower and food items. So listing it under multiple categories won’t miss out on the customers. As usual, the business will be booming.

  • Free deliveries promo codes for specific stores

To encourage more users to the app, this is a potential feature that allows the admin to push the promo codes to the users, offering free deliveries for specific stores/all stores.

  • Advantages rating flow for food items and delivery drivers

Earlier the app didn’t had the features of giving feedback. Even if it had they were at the basic which allowed minimal improvement.

The rating flow of the food items and delivery drivers features allows the user to put briefly as well as descriptive feedback for the Admin to know. Thus, this is advantageous to act upon the feedback that needs improvements.

  • Location wise banners

Earlier the app owners didn’t get a chance to target the location. Often the marketing campaign went for a toss. The users of certain locations didn’t show interest at all. Thus, this feature allows the Admin to choose the location and set the banner accordingly to get desired results.

  • Location wise push-notifications

As explained in the above feature it allows the Admin to sent the notification to the targeted customers only. This way you can tap potential businesses from them, also increase the customer base.

  • Advanced detailed service search

It is quite frustrating to search through the long list of items. Even though few apps have the search filter feature, the owner still has to go through a long scroll to get to the item. This feature avoids such hassles as it only requires typing few keywords to get to the items

  • Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Earlier, the app owner used to bear the cost of mobile verification send to the customers. Well, this cost has been eliminated by integrating Gojek Clone App with Firebase Authentication. Say bye-bye to expensive 3rd party SMS.

  • SKU code

Long scrolling the lists is time-consuming. The SKU Code features to save time for the store and restaurant owners to quickly identify the items when the order is received.

In Conclusion

The astounding features of the stunning Gojek Clone App deliver the best shopping experience to your users.

The Gojek Clone app has been trending for the last few years. However, with the majority of the Super Apps are integrated with the same old boring features, this is the time to be different. Buy V3Cube Gojek Nulled App with New Features September 2021 that comes with a great many potential benefits to the app owners.

There is no denying the fact that Building Gojek Clone App is the best Super App solution available in the market today. Therefore, connect with the app development company now and discuss your app project with the team. Get your own On-Demand Multi Services App to develop in as quick as 7 days and you get to grab all the benefits associated with it.

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