Vacating a Rental Property – Carry on these Steps to Get your Deposit Back Safely

Regardless of the good or bad times, you spend in a rental property, you have to vacate it someday. And we assume that your end of the lease period is nearby. Of course, you have deposited a certain amount with your landlord to ensure that their property is extremely safe with you. Till now everything was ok! But sometimes getting the entire deposit back from the landlord requires a lot of effort and the basic reason for that is – terms and conditions!

Things to do while vacating a rental property for the safe return of your deposit

It doesn’t matter if you had a very healthy relationship with your landlord, during the time of getting the deposit back, something or other comes up, and your money gets stuck with the landlord. Well, most of the issues happen because of the condition you leave the rental property in. So, ensure that you are following the below-listed steps in order to get your deposit money back completely from the landlord without any issues:

  • Go through the contract

Every rental property has different kinds of terms and conditions. To know your set of rules, you have to go through the terms and conditions at least once before you vacate the house. It is important that you don’t miss the necessary steps before giving the keys back to the landlord.

  • Inform about your intention to vacate in advance

Whether your lease period has expired already, or it is about to happen, or you are vacating the property way before that time, it is important that you provide prior notice to your landlord at least three months before you empty the place. This time is required so that the landlord can arrange for the deposited money to be handed over to you at the time of vacating the place. Otherwise, this can be a very clear excuse for them to delay this matter for later.

  • Fix and repair the things damaged by you 

If you did certain alterations in the house while moving in, then it is time to get the house back in its original form. If there was something that was broken or damaged by you, ensures that you are repairing that as well before you empty the place.

  • Clean the house

End of tenancy cleaning via Flash cleaning is an important part of vacating your house that you shouldn’t miss at all. They are professionals who guarantee to deep clean the entire property just as mentioned in the contract. This ensures that your deposit money won’t be blocked because of an untidy, unkempt, and dirty house.

  • Final inspection of the property with pictorial proofs

This final step is very important. You have to call the landlord and carry out a detailed inspection of the rental property to assure that you have not done any harm to the rental property and it’s in its original condition. If you want to be double sure, click pictures as proof. (You can present them when the landlord makes any excuses while handing over the deposit to you.)

These steps are essential during vacating any kind of rental property. But if your landlord is fussier, ensure to take some extra precautions to get the money back safely and in its entirety.

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