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Vastu Tips: Place your Wall Clock in the Right Direction

Time is very precious! We have grown up while listening to the phrase. This has influenced our minds to a great extent, why shouldn’t it? We all use to wear digital, analog, and smartwatches to know the time at every point. So, shouldn’t be at home or the office? We install wall clocks inside our homes. But, wait! Is it installed on the wall in the right direction? It can have various impacts if it is not installed in right direction. Today, we are here to discuss the Vastu tips to hang the wall watches in the right direction will have its positive effects. To get the right size and style of the wall clocks, you can visit the WoodenStreet website online serving various designs at reasonable prices.

Following a set of guidelines to keep the wooden wall clock serves peace, prosperity, and positivity. The best directions are north, east, and west, the south direction is considered unlucky. The west is only chosen when the east and north are not available.

Here are the wall clock Vastu tips –

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is never keep stop clocks. It resembles the lack of progression and attracts bad omen in life. Also, your mind is occupied with negative energy and emotions. The wooden wall clock should be working 24*7*365.
  2. The design of the wall clock should tell the perfect time; it should not be forward or behind more than 1-2 minutes. If it is showing the time late or forward, immediately repair it.
  3. The antique wall clock should face Santa’s abode or let’s say north direction. If you have listened to this from your grandparents, keeping the wall clock in the northern direction brings happiness and good fortune. According to the astrologers, the north direction denotes the lord Ganesha, which is the god of wealth that is Kubera. The east direction is dominated by the king of God that is Devendra.
  4. The metal wall clocks kept in the north direction are for better communication and business denotes the mercury planets. Therefore, take effort before buying wall watches and choose according to the wall you are going to place them.
  5. As discussed above, if the north direction is not available in your home or office. Choose an east direction to install a wall clock, it is said to be oriented. The east direction is governed by the sun, which is responsible for the quality of actions we perform on regular basis. Also, it is applied to your relationships with family and friends.
  6. Astrologers say, that the material of the antique wall clock also plays an important role in enhancing the energy. The metallic wall clock in grey or white is preferred for north and wooden wall clock are best for east directions.
  7. Wall clocks with pendulums are preferred as they oscillated with good vibration. The reflective wall clocks should never be kept in the bedroom and living area, as they use to reflect the bed and the front door. That means things are fading away from you.
  8. The online wall watches can be placed in any direction except the south direction. As the south is the direction of Yama, which is a god of death.
  9. Apart from that, the various standards that should be followed while installing wall clocks at home are:
  • It should always be placed inside the home.
  • A wooden wall clock should never hang in the doorway.
  • It should never face any door, never be kept in front of the main door.
  • The important tip is that it should always be visible. Otherwise, the placement is of no use.

From the above discussion, it can be said that, do spend some time before buying it. You will get that perfect size and style of Wall clocks for your home. The investment will never disappoint you.

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