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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located in Western Asia. With its mixture of modern architecture alongside historic and historical landmarks, UAE attracts millions of tourists each year. If you’re thinking of a trip to UAE it is possible that you have to apply for a UAE visa. The long term UAE visa are suggested to those planning for a long stay in Dubai or UAE to attend meetings, trips conferences, etc., or to enjoy a relaxing time with family or friends, etc.

A 90-day visa is the best option for those visiting UAE for training or for other official reasons. It’s also ideal for people who visit their relatives or friends staying in the city. Additionally, if you’re someone who enjoys each year-long vacation to experience a new place and enjoy the surroundings, a longer-term UAE visa will provide you with the opportunity to explore the delights of Dubai as well as other cities of the emirates without rushing.

It is a single-entry visa, and once the person leaves the UAE the visa is canceled. The criteria for obtaining the 90-day UAE visa differ based on your nationality. 90 days single-entry UAE visa is an entry-only visa that permits the holder to remain in UAE for 90 or fewer days. The validity of the visa is for 60 days following the issue date, however, your stay shouldn’t be longer than 90 days from your entry date to UAE.

90 days Multiple Entry Visa

A 90-day multiple entry UAE visa will allow traveling between UAE and other countries more convenient for those who have to make several stops over longer periods of time either by air or sea and then return to Dubai with the same visa, instead of needing to pay for and expenses to get three separate visas. The requirements for obtaining the 90-day multi-entry UAE visa differ based on your nationality.

The visa permits you to the right to stay for at least 90 days in UAE. The validity of the visa will be 60 days from the date issued. However, the duration of stay must be up to 90 days after the date you arrive in UAE. It is possible to travel several times to UAE within a period that is 90 days.

Prerequisites for Long Term UAE Visa

  • Dubai and the UAE do not require visas for citizens from citizens of GCC countries. GCC countries include Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.
  • The following countries allow citizens to get their visas at the time at which they are allowed to enter into the UAE: Australia, Austria, and Andorra. This is applicable to all UAE airports and any entry point inside the nation: Canada, Denmark, Denmark, Estonia, and Finland.
  • Other countries not included mentioned above will require visas and an accompanying person to visit. The sponsor typically applies for a visa on behalf of the individual who is applying for the visa.

How to Apply For A Long-Term UAE Visa

If you’re looking for a long stay in the UAE to visit your family or friends then you will require a 90-day UAE visa. Get in touch with the top travel and tour agency experts who can help you obtain a 90 day UAE visa and ensure that you spend your time in Dubai without the hassle and relaxing manner. This is among the most basic strategies.

  • Fill the visa application form online
  • Send required documents
  • Pay the processing and service fees.

After you have submitted your information, the visa specialist will look over your application and, if necessary, contact you for more information.

Documents Required For Long Term UAE Visa

The visa application form should be accompanied by specific documents. Clear photocopies of the original documents should be provided, and they should not be blurred.

Passport:- To submit a request for a visa an original passport photo must be submitted. Persons with passports written in handwriting will be refused visas by the UAE Consulate. Get an electronic passport prior to applying for a visa. It should also have a minimum duration of six months after your date of departure. The first and last pages should be duplicated in color to be included in your visa application. Also, you will need a photocopy of your Dubai exit visa page if you visited Dubai before.

Photography: -The Visa application requires passport-sized photos. However, you must comply with certain rules in the process of taking photos. 4.3X5.5 cm is the recommended dimensions of your photos White backgrounds are mandatory. You must ensure that the majority of your face appears in the picture and that the photo is not blurry or unclear. An error in your photo could cause your visa application to be denied.

Airline Tickets:- Booking your ticket to Dubai is required prior to applying for a UAE visa. After the validity of your visa has expired then you must ensure that you return to your home country. In addition to the application form, you will need to submit the confirmation of your (return) airline ticket.

Covering Letter:- In order to submit a request for 90 days of visitor visa, you’ll need to attach a cover letter with your application. In the letter, you must be sure to clearly describe the purpose of your visit and the contact information about your hosts. Contact details, photo ID, and the address evidence of two UAE residents are also required.

Additional Documents:- Apart from the above-mentioned documents. There are additional documents you need to provide in order to obtain the Dubai visa that lasts for 3 months. It depends on the motive of your trip to the city or within the UAE which documents you’ll require.

Get Long Term Visa With Disha Global Tours

Disha Global Tours adopts a hands-on approach to ensure that you receive guidance and assistance throughout the entire process of obtaining a UAE visa. No matter if it’s a UAE visa for Indians or another nationality, we go an extra step to ease the burden out of obtaining your visa to UAE at the most affordable price. Additionally, we offer the depth of knowledge on various visa types, such as a 1 month UAE visa 3 month UAE visa, and multiple entry visas, which means that your trip to Dubai is as easy as it can be.

In Disha Global Tours we endeavor to provide quick and effective processing of visas. With the most recent information regarding various UAE visas as well as UAE rules for immigration, we are proud of meeting the visa requirements of travelers from all over the world that want to visit Dubai.

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