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Vitamin C Gummies Overview, Is This Gummies Good for You?

Research has found vitamin C gummies have similar effects on the body to vitamin C tablets. More research is required, but studies suggest gummies are equally effective as traditional vitamin C supplements like pills, tablets, and caplets.


Vitamin C gummies are effective and may be easier than taking a clear old pill. But not all vitamins are created equal. Confirm to read the label on gummy products so you recognize what you’re getting.


Gummies became a classy (and delicious) thanks to get vitamin C .


Vitamin C plays an important role in immune health and wound repair. Luckily, most of the people get enough of this nutrient from fruits and veggies in their daily diet. Deficiencies are rare, but supplements are available during a sort of forms if needed.




  • You can get vitamin C gummies over-the-counter at your local pharmacy and online.
  • Vitamin C supports the system , keeps your heart healthy, and ensures wounds heal properly.
  • Vitamin C gummies may contain additives like sugar and gelatin, but there are many natural and sugar-free alternatives available.
  • Not everyone must be taking vitamin C supplements. It’s important if you’ve got a deficiency, but nearly 95% of individuals get enough vitamin C from diet alone.


If you’ve been diagnosed with low levels of vitamin C , your healthcare provider may recommend adding a supplement. There are numerous options to settle on from, though, that it can get confusing fast.


Are vitamin C gummies the thanks to go? While it’d appear as if the foremost palatable option on the shelf, supplements like these aren’t always the simplest bet. Here’s everything you would like to seem for when it involves getting your daily dose of vitamin C .


How to choose a vitamin C gummies


Many popular supplement brands Like RONCUVITA offer vitamin C gummies, including Nature Made, Vitafusion, and Nature’s Bounty.


Vitamins and minerals can taste bitter on their own, so gummy vitamins are often sweetened with sugar or syrup to form them more appealing. Some also contain natural or artificial flavoring.


Companies also make sugar-free gummy vitamins using artificial sweeteners like xylitol. Natural sweeteners like agave nectar also are popular alternatives to products that contain pure cane sugar. And if you’ve had a gummy vitamin before, you’ll know they taste more like candy than sort of a typical drugstore vitamin.


It’s also common for vitamin C gummies to be enhanced with other vitamins, minerals, or herbal additives. Common ones you’ll notice are vitamin E , elderberry, rosehip, vitamin D, and zinc.


For people following vegan or vegetarian diets, some brands use jellifying agents like pectin, which are free from animal by-products.


If you’re worried about whether you’ll get enough vitamin C from a gummy, research shows these are an honest option when it involves vitamin C supplements.


How do vitamin C gummies compare to tablets?


Research has found vitamin C gummies have similar effects on the body to vitamin C tablets. More research is required , but studies suggest gummies are equally effective as traditional vitamin C supplements like pills, tablets, and caplets.




Vitamin C gummies are available an assortment of flavors and dosages, which may be a bonus if you’re not a lover of taking pills. Typical dosages range from 75 mg to 2,000 mg. you’ll got to take two or more gummies to succeed in the recommended daily allowance of 75-90 mg if you aren’t getting any vitamin C from your diet.


How common are vitamin C deficiencies?


A true vitamin C deficiency is pretty rare. Around 90-95% of adults get enough through diet alone and aren’t in danger for a vitamin C deficiency (Pfeiffer, 2013). And while vitamin C deficiency is rare today, it wont to be a true problem.


The most well-known cases were among sailors who spent years stumped with little or no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The resulting lack of vitamin C , referred to as scurvy, would cause characteristic symptoms like bleeding gums, slow-healing wounds, and straightforward bruising. Sailors would develop confusion, fever, and shortness of breath, and eventually, the condition would prove fatal.


Today most of the people get enough vitamin C from their diets. However, deficiencies still exist. Things like pollution and smoking may result in low vitamin C levels. people that smoke tend to possess higher rates of vitamin C deficiencies and wish to consume larger amounts through diet or supplements.


In general, people in danger for low vitamin C include those that:


  • Smoke or use drugs or alcohol
  • Do not eat a well-rounded diet
  • Do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Experience physical or psychological stress


People with pre-diabetes or diabetes can also be in danger for vitamin C deficiency (Wilson, 2017).


How much Vitamin C Gummies does one need every day?


Since our bodies can’t produce vitamin C , we’ve to believe diet to urge it. Adults need between 75-90 mg per day, and youngsters ages 0-12 months should get 40-50 mg per day.


But that doesn’t mean you ought to start popping vitamin C gummies on the daily—it is feasible to urge an excessive amount of of an honest thing. Your kidneys are pretty good at removing any excess but taking an excessive amount of can cause digestive problems like diarrhea.


For the bulk of individuals , it’s not necessary to require vitamin C supplements. If you’re not getting enough, your best bet is to select foods full of vitamin C . Great natural sources of this essential nutrient include:


  • Citrus fruits
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Cabbage
  • Kale


The truth is your body gets a much bigger boost once you get vitamin C from food sources. Fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamin C , also contain other micronutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals, which are beneficial compounds that come from plants.


All this great things works together to assist your body absorb nutrients from your food, including vitamin C (Carr, 2013). albeit gummies are delicious, you won’t get an equivalent benefits with a vitamin C gummy.


Some cereals and grain products contain added vitamin C and are an honest choice to increase your intake. Cooking fruits and veggies reduces the quantity of vitamin C , so go raw if you would like a lift (NIH, n.d.).


What does vitamin C neutralize the body?


Vitamin C, also referred to as vitamin C , is an important micronutrient that acts as an antioxidant within the body that protects your cells from damage.


Besides cell protection, vitamin C helps your heart, system , and skin. Here are another vital roles vitamin C plays in your body (Carr, 2017):


  • Making hormones that affect pulse and vital sign
  • Forming collagen, which may be a building block for skin
  • Playing a pivotal role in wound healing
  • Fueling important protector cells in your system
  • Protecting cells from toxins and pollution like cigarette smoke


Vitamin C does tons for your body, and if you’re low, it’s important to spice up your levels.


Should you take vitamin C gummies?


There are many studies about the consequences of vitamin C supplementation, but few have demonstrated a transparent benefit for people without a deficiency. meaning if you don’t have a vitamin C deficiency, you almost certainly don’t need vitamin C gummies.


A recent study found that vitamin C supplements may reduce vital sign in people with hyperpiesia , which may be a sort of high vital sign (Guan, 2020). A meta-analysis that evaluated quite 11,000 people found that vitamin C supplements didn’t reduce the severity of symptoms and duration of colds, except in people that recently engaged in intense exercises (Hemila, 2013).


You may have heard that vitamin C can prevent cancer, but that’s just not true. Pauling , a famous researcher within the 1900s, recommended vitamin C to stop and treat cancer, but the studies he conducted were poorly designed and later studies contradicted his work (Kamangar, 2012). Ultimately, you simply got to take vitamin C if you’re low.


If you think that you would possibly have a vitamin C deficiency, you’ll sign up with a healthcare professional. And when picking supplements, confirm to stay with a reputable brand like RONCUVITA. Not all products are created equal and regulation on many of those supplements is restricted.

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