Wedding DJ Vs Wedding Band – Top Factors To Consider

Once you’ve booked your venue & caterer for your wedding ceremony, it’s time to think about the entertainment that your guests need on your wedding day. And that’s where most couples get confused – whether to hire a wedding DJ or a wedding music band. Since every wedding tends to be unique in its way, the job here is to figure out what works ideally for you and what doesn’t. 

Therefore, in this in-depth guide, we’ll be taking a deeper look into some of the factors that you should be contemplating before you go ahead with either of the above-mentioned options. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the discussion right away.

Major Factors To Reflect Upon About When Deciding To Hire Between A Wedding DJ And A Wedding Band

  • The Budget

According to a professional wedding DJ hire in Sydney, your budget forms the most important factor when concluding between a wedding band or a DJ. In most cases, a wedding band will always cost you more than a DJ. This is because a wedding band will consist of more than one member along with the instruments & set up that will require additional transportation costs, thereby increasing the overall hiring price. On the other hand, hiring a DJ isn’t that complex, to begin with. A wedding DJ will most probably be a single person (or at a maximum of two persons) who will take care of the DJ set up. Moreover, DJ equipment doesn’t need much space or transportation costs to begin with. 

The hiring fee that will be charged will include the performance as well. Some wedding bands can charge you more to play different types of songs. For a wedding DJ, experience plays a major role in defining the hiring costs – the better the experience, the higher will be the cost. 

Therefore, you have to first finalize your budget and then decide on which candidate you’d want to have at your wedding ceremony. 

  • The Style Of The Wedding

Since the music at your wedding reception will set the tone for the entire event, you have to make sure that it fits the style that you’re looking for. If you want to stick to a single genre of music, then wedding bands are the ideal choice. However, if you want your wedding ceremony guests to enjoy all popular kinds of music genres, then hiring a wedding DJ would the most appropriate thing to do. 

Whatever option you choose, you must talk to your wedding DJ or wedding band before the reception day regarding the type of music that will be played. Ensure that you choose the ideal music for your requirements. 

  • The Venue Area

When talking about logistics, you have to keep in mind the space of your venue along with any additional regulations or restrictions that may apply. Factors such as noise stipulations or electricity limitations will impact your decision in choosing a wedding DJ or a band. 

There’s no denying that wedding bands will require a wide area to perform, depending on the type of equipment they will use. However, a DJ will only require space for some speakers and a small table to set up the laptop and the DJ controller & mixer. So, if you have a limited venue space, hiring a DJ will be more suitable. Otherwise, if space is not a problem, then go ahead with a wedding band. 

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